Hi all,

I'm new to these forums, thank you to the forum team for approving my application so quickly.

A little bit about me, I'm 28 year young and I'm from the UK.

I have an avid interest in ufology and consider myself an aspiring freelance journalist and blogger, I say aspiring as sometimes my spelling and grammar aren't always the best but I do try.

I came across the forums after looking up information about Project Serpo and found it just fascinating, it's amazing because you always think you've seen and heard everything and then I come across Project Serpo and I'm blown away. Regardless on whether or not it holds truth, I think it's just fascinating, the idea of how ETs would live and go about their day to day lives on their own planets just blows my mind to even think about.

Personally, I've never seen or come across a UFO or had any form of 'ET contact or experience', I wish I had but alas it seems destined to never be. I'm young though so I'll keep my head towards the sky and continue looking.

I'm glad to be among like minded people and thank you all for having me here and allowing me to be part of your community.