Hi Guys

Sure a lot of you know of Annie Jacobsen's work.
She's done a raft of great books, she is an investigative writer and has written on Area 51, US Remote Viewing program, Paper Clip. Books:
The Pentagon's Brain -About Darpa
Area 51
Operation Paperclip
Phenomena : The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception

Tom De Longe based many of his theories on stuff he read in all her books.
The most controversial for our field is her book on Area 51, in which she claims the Roswell crash was actually something Stalin devised to manipulate the US. The bodies were surgically altered humans and the craft was dropped by a mothercraft. She has only one anonymous witness to this story but other CIA operatives she claims back up what her 'source' has told her. I haven't read it but I find this hard to believe.
Phenomena is great book about the history of US psychic spying research, remote viewing etc, in which she interviewed Kit Green and Garry Nolan, the first time they spoke about looking at structures in the brain. I think she plays down the evidence, or didn't grasp the weight of the evidence behind this, but apart from it's very well researched.
Operation Paperclip is brilliantly researched. Leaves you quite uncomfortable how some of these guys past reputations were overlooked because of their expertise. Some them were complicit during the WWII in the most appalling experiments and used SS labour to build their facilities.

Any nice interview with her here with Joe Rogan

There is another great interview with her and John Burroughs and Linda Moulton Howe on KGRA Phenomenon Radio