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Thread: Great Pyramid Shape, New Theory 2019

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    Great Pyramid Shape, New Theory 2019

    I recently figured out a possible explanation for the Great Pyramid's base being a little under 440 cubits per side. My theory is that rather than the fractional approximation of pi 22/7. which would produce a 440 wide by 280 high pyramid, the fraction 311/99 was used. This yields 3.141414 repeating. With a height of 280 cubits, this produces a side length of 439.797979 cubits, which is much closer to the true lengths derived from Petrie's survey coordinates. The longest side, South, is 439.8 cubits and the other three are slightly less. I made a quick page with the details

    In case the link doesn't work, here's an image which is sort of self explanatory.

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    Hi Rigel

    You ever come across this

    Read about it this year absolutely fascinating basically the ancients found a whole series Pythagorean squares in base 60, which meant they could skip decimalisation which they had no concept of.

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    No, I hadn't seen that before, thanks for pointing it out. With the Egyptians, they seemed to like rational approximations of irrational numbers, like pi and sqrt 2, for some reason.

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    Well they understood perfect triangles, like the classic 3,4,5 but they had no concept of decimal places.
    Fractions like 1/2 3/60 but .35 was not something they had in the toolbox.
    They probably had some very clever workarounds.

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