Hi guys, there was some knowledge put out about the argument JFK Jr. did not assist the Trump KAG rally in Dallas on Oct 17th. Apparently, JFK Jr. wasn't able to be on Trump's Dallas convention because of a massive breach at his secret alliance base near Macroom Ireland. JFK Jr. was supposed to emerge to the world with Trump but as the alliance were to leave the base, they came under endured fire from the cabal hitmen. 👀 That is crazy to consider guys.

The alliance has now enabled some sources to disclose the spot of the base as it is now jeopardized. JFK Jr. was occupying an alliance base under Mullaghanish mountain in West Cork Ireland. The alliance shot and eliminated the cabal gunmen and 3 alliance white hats had to deal with first aid on the spot. JFK Jr. was carried on immediately to another secure base in another country which the alliance denied to tell. Trump was notified right away that he would not be in Dallas on the night Trump was raging and prompting it was an inside job.

The alliance base under Mullaghanish mountain had cutting edge Qmunication tech which was ruined given the cabals now know its location... Substandard luck, this inflicted a number of gorse 🔥 in the zone due to debris and fire coming from the bass camouflaged exhaust vents on the exterior. The user on the tweet seems to confirm this...


Do you guys think Q is just another conspiracy theory...?

Are some people unconscious of what's really going on in our planet and why...?