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Thread: Isaac Koi's UFO Transcript Database

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    Isaac Koi's UFO Transcript Database

    Someone Turned 50,000 Hours of UFO Podcasts Into a Searchable Database
    Over the last seven months, this ufologist set auto-transcription software to work on transcribing two million pages of UFO-related podcasts and videos.

    This is a massive resource thanks to our friend Isaac Koi

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    I can see how he's done it. He's cut and pasted the Youtube transcription into a word documents.
    You tube automatically transcribes any video put up on it within about 72hrs. It's a colossal amount of processing power but the accuracy is pretty good.
    If you want to do it yourself select the text and go Ctrl + A (Select All) and Crtl + V (Paste) and paste into your word processor. Delete all the extraneous text and then "Hey Presto" you have a complete timecoded transcript.

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