Maybe Iron Man trying out a new rig?

A man flying a jetpack was reported by pilots above Los Angeles.
By Lauren M. Johnson.

An unusual call came into the Los Angeles airport concerning an unidentified man flying a jetpack.

An American Airlines flight was the first to report a "guy in a jetpack" at the plane's' altitude of 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday. They said that the man was approximately 30 yards away from the aircraft.

Now, the FBI is looking into the matter.

CNN obtained the audio between air traffic control and American and JetBlue flight crews.

"Tower. American 1997. We just passed a guy on a jetpack," the first plane called in. "Off the left side maybe 300 -- 30 yards or so. About our altitude."

About 10 minutes later, another plane spotted the man.

"We just saw the guy fly by us on the jetpack," the crew told the traffic controller.

According to the communications, air traffic control warned a JetBlue flight to "use caution... person on a jetpack reported 300 yards south."

After the plane acknowledged the instruction, the controller concluded with: "Only in LA."
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