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Thread: Nick Cook Hunt for Zero Pt Author

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    Nick Cook Hunt for Zero Pt Author

    Hi Guys

    New interview by Jay at Project Unity with ex Aviation Editor for Jane's Defense Weekly and author of 'The Hunt for Zero Pt' Nick Cook

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    Been awhile since I heard Nick's name bandied about.
    Enjoyed his book on "Zero Point" back in the day (still lives in my library) about 2001.
    His "Alien History of Planet Earth" documentary some 15 years ago (2005), was pretty good.
    Will watch this interview as time permits. Any revelations Longeyes?
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    Not really he seemed more interested in Jay’s contact experiences.
    They covered some very interesting ground consciousness, the phenomenon being maybe some projected form of humanity’s mass unconscious...which was good.

    Talked briefly about his Ingo Swann book which is just out and his fiction book ‘the Grid’
    But nothing new in there

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