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Thread: Alien Communications

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    Alien Communications

    On JAR Magazine we just published a series of articles on Alien Communications.
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    Pretty on point, this matches for the most part my personal experiences with Telepathy and Grays specifically. The backing of information can result in strange effects, where you experience a foreign emotion you've never experienced before, but when you try to establish what it is, in the background your understanding is updated live at another level; usually referred to as the higher-mind in Fore's lingo and mine.
    I did once simplify a concept down which was communicated in the past, and that was to reduce the "Penultimate Human Form / Pinnacle of Human Evolution" dual-communicated concept down to an emotional construct of "Kinship". That was backfilled with the knowledge provided from it of agreement/pleased (However, it's really strange when your own knowledge is being updated live like it's some form of 2-way communication... it's like conversing by updating each others memories.)

    Now, that is a Gray [which honestly looked eye-white], I can't comment on the differences in other types of communication by other species without first experiencing them and remembering it. Given a Gray is supposed to be more limited, it does offer serious food for thought as to what something else would be like if I encountered it. I've also noted a Gray can adjust the perception of its physical features, and then backfill the knowledge of what the person is looking at to adjust their trust level; it's a rather crude facsimile relying on the facial lines and eye colour, but it does work when you suddenly believe it is your mother or another relative. Important to note, it's affecting the area around itself, as it blurs according to distance due to my myopia; if it were directly manipulating the vision centres, then it would be a clean representation. I sometimes wonder if the first time I saw one, it was having an epic fail moment when I didn't recognise who it was trying to pose as, as it was a bit too far away, or perhaps it was simply having a bad day...

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    The article covers quite a bit of ground. From experience the 3rd form is very much like a bubble which unfolds. Kind of like a flower opening up in one of those time-lapse videos. The information transmitted is massive. There is also a time compression element, to this. For example a set of events taking an hour to complete can be experienced in a few minutes. While we may be capable of receiving, the ability to create similar compressed packet type information I feel is very limited from a human physiological perspective.
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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