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Thread: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

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    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

    Interesting report on the Fast Movers and Transmedium Vehicles in the UAPTF

    the kingfish

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    Dr. Hal Puthoff . . .

    A former private contractor for AAWSAP and AATIP, Dr. Hal Puthoff, confirmed for The Debrief he was one of a handful of persons who conducted the October briefings. “I have been invited to brief congressional staffers on the Senate Armed Services Committee on UAP matters in the last couple of years,” Puthoff said in an email, “and have done so on more than one occasion.”
    I must say Dr. Hal Puthoff has been around and gets a round in UFO/Unidentified Aerial Phenomena for a long time. . .

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    US DOD mission statement for UAPTF.
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    The Physics of UFOs: Eric Weinstein + Hal Puthoff

    (hear Hal Puthoff's admission of propulsion knowledge by corperations at 8:30) and more!

    Eric Weinstein is a Managing Director at Thiel Capital, creator of geometric unity, a unified theory in physics, and the intellectual dark web, a loose coalition of intellectuals dedicated to free thought. Hal Puthoff is former CIA, NSA and AATIP (the government’s official UFO investigation program). In the 70’s, he oversaw Stargate: the government’s psychic spy program at Stanford Research Institute. In this conversation, we discuss the physics of UFO’s, private aerospace as the keepers of fundamental science and Hal’s experience with parapsychology.

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    This came out yesterday, mentions a new description (new to me at least) about a third of the way through . . .

    "A grey cube contained in a clear sphere"

    The Unidentified: Are we alone in the universe? | Under Investigation

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