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Thread: Disclosure in a Divided World

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    Disclosure in a Divided World

    Disclosure in a Divided World | Richard Dolan

    This could have been posted in any at least 20 twenty threads . . . It's about far, far, far more than Disclosure.

    This video is still about every one of us and the conflicted world we find ourselves in.

    It's long, but all that time is needed to present everything he's complied here. On these type of long videos I'll listen as long as possible, and write down the time I left off . . . and come back when I can. Well worth the time!

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    I watched it all.

    @ 1:25:00
    I didn't like the slant that alot of disclosure activists tend to have. Where the activist are seemingly always looking forward to disclosure for the purposes of taking input from some other technologically superior society.

    I mean, I understand, its normal to assume that someone ahead of you on the technological curve should have more knowledge and wisdom. But at the same time there are so many possible ways for that external group to choose to implement their lifestyle and way of doing things that may not necessarily jive well with with the natives.

    Everyone assumes they are the swedes in neutral benevolence...but by default never assume they might be of the North Korean type of mentality and way of doing things.

    It also plays into the mentality that humanity doesn't run their societies very well (no comment!), so lets be eager to take tips from a wild card from beyond the north.

    Secrecy can also mean alot of things. Some negative and some potential positives.

    If they haven't come here it could be because the non-human involved parties are contending behind the curtain within the bounds of secrecy.

    If that curtain is removed it most likely means there isn't a need to be so hidden. So while these groups from elsewhere may hide for reasons we do not know of. When you change that variable to being officially acknowledged as being active and present, they may cast away many former protocols and strut on earth as if they own the place.

    What if humanity learns of a hostile intent? Well secrecy no longer keeps them at bay. We can't bury our heads in the sand even if we don't like their intentions anymore.


    Finally, there is also the issue of being able to say "No thanks" when being presented with a different way of doing things. Secrecy may or may not be a passive defense against open influence leading to changes.

    There is currently no proverbial ET podium and few people are influenced by ETs. Why? Because it is a secret.

    What if its no longer a secret anymore? What if they establish a podium? What if we don't like the way they do things or it just doesn't rub us the right way? Can we still say "No thanks", "we will do it our own way".

    How many people on earth will disagree with the majority opinion? What if one nation accepts their way of doing things and establishes a podium for their words of "wisdom" but other nations do not offer that podium and treat it as an unwelcome message? Will we block that other nation? Will we turn to hostilities and war to keep a potential incompatible message from spreading throughout society?

    Things to consider. Perhaps secrecy can also perhaps be a protective stop gap measure.
    Perhaps different agendas can't move from the shadows into the limelight until secrecy ends.
    Or perhaps secrecy can give those in the know time to develop countermeasures until we really can say "No thank you".

    Sorry to sound so negative about disclosure.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Just a reminder that the New Frontier Network (NFN) Podcast, an organization affiliated with a few TOP Forum staffers and other world-wide researchers, recently conducted an in-depth interview with Mr Dolan.
    Links can be found here.
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    How Twitter and Facebook lead to Fascism - Richard Dolan . . .

    WOW! Pure and unadulterated truth!

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