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Thread: The big phone home!

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    The big phone home!

    This seems like a movement of sorts, catching on. Its crazy long, and a number of guest come and go during the video.

    Notably at 3:15 Richard Dolan shows up and adds to the content. Jimmie Church had arrived a bit earlier. Its worth scanning through the 4 hours to see what may interest you!

    It starts out with Luis Elizondo in the mix . . .

    This one needs a better intro than what I gave it!

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    It was actually a full day event, with different people present at different times.

    The video above is the first part. The one below is the second part:

    The idea was that this event should motivate people to call their representatives to put pressure on them to ask for disclosure.
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    Wow, Thanks Garuda, I didn't see the part 2 actually.

    Maybe this will work out to be effective. However, looking back at the "UFO Congressional Press Conference" back in the day, I'm not getting my hopes up!

    There is always a sense that real disclosure is emanate!

    Hey, Thanks again!

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