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Thread: US intelligence officials have no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraf

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    US intelligence officials have no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraf

    Some preliminary details on the upcoming report.
    US intelligence officials have no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraft
    By Zachary Cohen and Katie Bo Williams.
    US intelligence officials have found no evidence confirming that unidentified flying objects encountered by US Navy pilots in recent years were alien spacecraft but also have not reached a definitive assessment as to what these mysterious objects might be, according to five sources familiar with the findings of an upcoming report on UFOs that is expected to be delivered to Congress later this month.
    According to three of those sources, the report does not however rule out the possibility they are alien spacecraft.
    While that uncertainty is likely a blow to the hopes of UFO enthusiasts who were hoping for definitive proof of extraterrestrial life, it does not minimize the significance of the report, especially given what sources describe as a years-long battle inside the Pentagon over whether even to acknowledge what are now hundreds of unexplained sightings by US military personnel
    The New York Times was first to publish details of the upcoming report. (May encounter paywall).
    US officials also cannot rule out the possibility that these flying objects were aircraft belonging to American adversaries, namely Russia and China -- a potentially more troublesome conclusion that raises a host of potential national security concerns, one of the sources said.

    However, the forthcoming report is expected to conclude that the objects are not secret American technology, the source added.
    Historic UFO report

    For the first time, the US government is preparing to issue an extraordinary unclassified report detailing what it knows about a series mysterious encounters with unidentified flying objects, or what are more commonly known as UFOs.
    While the report isn't expected to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, the mere fact that the intelligence community is set to acknowledge these incidents at all represents a remarkable shift in the way US officials think about this phenomenon.
    Story Continues.
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    That is an !alarming! step in the wrong direction. If the governments of the world begin portraying to the public the narrative that it's someone else (human) overseas....that puts the ET's into a strong bind.

    It's like slamming the door on their foot while they are in the entryway. Neither letting them pass, but still acknowledging the problem of UAP's and the need to do something about it. Is this "a game" to be able to shoot down UFO's and "feign ignorance" that they assumed it was an adversary from overseas?

    That is indeed a concerning development.


    If I were an ET, the card that comes to mind is dragging historical governmental meeting records into the limelight and letting people look it over. That is not a good card to play either for the ET nor the governments of the world. That's a pretty nasty route to take on either side of the equation.

    Human beings will get burned by virtue of the agreements and the population will still lose faith in either case. The ET will likely then just spin the story of the agreements into "a forced agreement" and "victim play".

    Disclosure sure is a shaky boat with heavy agendas on either side.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    If they think it's another nation, why would they go with UAP - Phenomena, rather than UFO - Object. That seems to be a step away from the belief that it is other nations, not towards it. Very weird.
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    Also . . . This "Phenomena" goes all the way back to WW2. You know the "Foo Fighters"!

    Those who have been in the know and following the UFO/UAP, won't be fooled again by false government explanations. Especially if they pull any of the "Swap Gas" kind of crap. I think the audience (so to speak) is far more savvy than 40, 50 or 60 years ago.

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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    There will be no UFO disclosure in 2021 — at least, not from the government

    Those who are unhappy with the conclusions described this week can take solace in the fact that this story is not over. . . .

    But according to the Times’ story, the intelligence report is noncommittal and ambiguous. So, it may simultaneously satisfy everyone and no one. Skeptic academics can continue to scoff at the alien visitation idea, and the UFO believers can continue to cry cover-up. Everyone will retreat to their neutral corners and hope for a knockout in the next round . . .

    More at the link~

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