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Thread: UFO report to Congress 6/25/21

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    UFO Jesus Frustation here is brilliant.

    His sentiment in the first clip is spot on. 'Release a smoking gun' and we can stop harping on about this stuff.
    How can humanity grow up if we treated like small children who can't handle the truth?
    There this tiny minority somehow keeping us in the dark - without knowing our correct place in the order of things how can we make the right decisions to grow as a civilisation?

    He also goes over James Fox's recent interview - someone in the UAPTF told him that something was coming out OCT/NOV time which might confirm some kind of backengineering or recovered craft. A USG declaration.
    Who knows?

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    Thank you for posting that, Longeyes, I thought that was a very good summary of the current situation.

    I live in hope, but ultimately I am very cycnical about any information dropping from official sources. No one wants to be the person who drops this bombshell as it has implications across the entire world, let alone the US government. People will be demanding answers to which I believe the US government has precious few. They will be a pariah in the short and medium term for the chaos that ensues...

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    No worries Shere Khaan I think with the state of the world at the moment, with people living in these infomation bubbles, and the amount of cynicism with respect to the authories, they needn't worry it. It probably take an age for the pennny to drop.
    As for who sounds the alarm offically their name will at least be fixed in the history books for a very long time? People are going to pretty annoyed we've been lied to for so long though.
    I'm pretty sure they know a hell of a lot about them much more than we imagine ,NRO and Space Command almost certainly track them with satellites coming in from space and with the 3 GHz signal can track them wherever they go, they know where the undersea bases are.
    They have a means of shooting them down and we have our own craft with fully functioning anti gravity. Probably communicating with some other races as well. We are going to be more than a few steps behind the curve. They've been on it, furiously trying to figure it out for 70yrs, spending billions of dollars.
    We have problems believing it but if you are properly briefed, and in the know, it would your all consuming passion to figure it out.

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