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Thread: My encounter with a massive UFO in the spring of 1978, the return year of the mission.

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    My encounter with a massive UFO in the spring of 1978, the return year of the mission.

    Just past midnight I was driving on a country road approaching my home which wasn't visible until the road wound between a barn and a farmhouse, past a grove of trees then curving over tracks into an open field where my house was visible in the distance, to my amazement, just above my house was a craft that was massive slowly moving from right to left across my windshield, I would hear the next day on the early news that there were several reports of strange lights in the sky from Lackawanna, NY located on the shore of lake Erie which was the direction the craft was coming from.
    The shape was best described as a fat oval slightly tapered at the ends defined by the countless small lights.
    Dominant were 3 huge bluish white round lights in a triangle pattern. It's been 43 years and the visual is still fresh in my mind. My first instinct was to use my favorite feature of my new car, electronic high beam switch on the turn signal arm, something new at the time which allowed for rapid flashing. So I flashed them 3 times rapidly and it stopped, the sight of it hovering motionless made me want to exit the car and listen for any thrust sounds and there was none. Standing there I fixated on the large lights and observed an ever so slight wobble. Suddenly one of the countless small lights detached, made an arching manuver which left it lower and behind the mothership so as to line up with the road ahead of me. At that point it turned on a freakishly bright blueish white beam focused down in the exact width of the road. And then it began to approach me, terrified I quickly jumped into my car and put it in reverse which would take me back to the cover described previously. As soon as I began to go backwards both crafts disappeared from the horizon in different directions as if it were effortless. There has been only one picture or drawing that matched what I saw that night, it was a video on YouTube where the was a host in front of an audience and he was interviewing guests who claimed they were abducted. I watched a few minutes bc I had to be somewhere but the artist depiction was it, I bookmarked it in my XBMC Media player that crashed the next time I went to view it and I was never able to find it again.

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    buffalobenny, did you note the time a bit after, or when, they left? The reason I'm asking, is usually when those take an interest, people run into the missing time phenomena.
    Was there anything different about your life, or odd effects afterwards? This could be anything trivial, especially anything physiological.

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    It was 43 years ago, yet I remember it each moment clearly as if it were yesterday, the end of the encounter from when it began to approach my car and I turned my head to go in reverse, and turning back to see them disappear. It was so abrupt, I always thought it was because of the cover but someone recently pointed out what you're alluding to and I've never given it much thought, and now it's so long ago, it's hard to remember details of the aftermath.
    I remember having a virus that doctor's couldn't identify in 1979 that sucked my energy and lasted until around 1984, I do remember something odd, around 10 years later I get a follow up call out of the blue even though the hospital had been closed for years.

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    The only other thing that may be relevant is in 2002 I was diagnosed with a form of cancer that usually affects older people and the doctors estimated that it began around 20 yrs or so when I was in my twenties and they were surprised especially since my family had no history of cancers.

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