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Thread: Ross Coulthart - Spotlight The Phenomenon Documentary

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    Ross Coulthart - Spotlight The Phenomenon Documentary

    At the end of May mainstream journalist Ross Coulthart produced a stunning investigation into UFOs for Australian Ch 7.
    There are copies flying around the internet - its a stunning piece of work
    '7 News Spotlight The Phenomenon Documentary'

    There is a copy here

    Last night Jay from Project Unity interviewed him...and what he reveals is quite startling, as an investigative journalist managed to contact multiple witness who claimed to have worked on the USG's back-engineering program, what is so refreshing is that he is a mainstream journalist taking this very seriously, he's Australia's George Knapp.

    Ross Coulthart - Investigating UFOs & Impossible Science

    His book 'In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible' is out soon
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    That was a really good interview and so many juicy little bits of information to round out existing stories. I remember him from four corners and have seen stories he's done in the past. Top notch journalist.

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    The book (In Plain Sight) was released on Google Play books in the last few days, and probably through most other publishers, so it's now a good opportunity pick up a copy
    As it is, I'll be wading through it as time permits.

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    Ben Strang, a reporter at the NZ Herald, appears to have picked up a copy of "In Plain Sight" and is reporting on the Kaikoura incident:

    There is an earlier article, which has some good photography, I ask you direct your attention to the last photo in the article:

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    Ross is getting some great coverage, Kurt has done some stunning interviews recently and last night had Mr Coulhart on his show

    It well worth checking out the other interviews Kurt's done recently esp Donald Hoffman

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    Good parts (IMO) start around 30mins.
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    Really enjoyed that Fore. I found the last 19 minutes pretty good too!

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    I'm liking all there interviews with Ross, the only uncomfortable part for me was giving electric universe credence. Never heard of it before but it didn't take a lot of reading to see where it was headed.

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    This guys has done a couplep of very nice followup interviews with Ross.

    If you missed the first interview

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