NFN Episode 11 - Mark Sims and Daniel P. Sheehan
Aug 12, 2021
New Frontier Network Podcast

Join the New Frontier Network team of correspondents as they interviewed former Watergate lawyer DANIEL P. SHEEHAN and entrepreneur MARK SIMS - organizers of the five day virtual MAKING CONTACT CONVERGENCE CONFERENCE 2021 from Aug 18 to 22. Daniel and Mark will describe the mission and vision of the NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE. They'll explain how the Human Family will respond to the reality of contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations and how we will all be affected. Mark and Daniel will also detail how to register for this virtual conference and become members of the NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE initiative. You will also be taken on a beyond-belief VIRTUAL TOUR of the MAKING CONTACT CONVERGENCE CAMPUS and find out why the NFN team - sat spell-bound during the entire tour. Join us... and be prepared to be amazed and enlightened.
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