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Thread: What is goin on at LA PALMA ISLAND!!!

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    What is goin on at LA PALMA ISLAND!!!

    This is a link to an European Earthquake monitoring Agency (I believe) like the USGS? I don't know.

    Using the +/- feature at the top left of the image you can zoom into the northwest of Africa, to the island of "LA PALMA"

    Zooming in close enough you will see the recent Earthquakes a in a grid pattern . . . I hope this is not Directed Energy weapons of some sort.

    I came across this info from this Youtube.

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    From a tweet from Clif High

    (sigh) bunches of ppl are thinking La Palma Island is having earthquakes in a straight lined grid.

    This is a display artifice of the placement of the seismographs & how the software has to display its data when zoomed in graphically.

    Though I did search other quake swarms around the globe and didn't find any grid patterns, Clif High's remark above is possible.

    So maybe a false alarm!

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