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Thread: 1945 Trinity New Mexico Crash

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    1945 Trinity New Mexico Crash

    Hi All

    Jacques Vallee and Paulo Harris have worked on this for sometime in secret.
    An avocado shaped craft crashed on a farm, and digging a massive trench and denting a water tower in the process before it was discovered by two young lads.
    The occupants were still alive and communicated telepathically with them. The crash site was 20 miles from where they tested the Atom bomb their mother had been blinded by the light of the explosion.
    This was two years before Roswell and very similar materials are described by the family.
    The Army didn't take everything a piece of memory metal was used to fix a water pump.

    George Knapp I/v s Jacques

    The book

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    In the video they said something to the effect of the bracket retrieved from the craft used the metric system? What exactly do they mean by that? It seems odd that a spacecraft that did not originate on Earth would use measurements from Earth. Maybe they just made the measurements in metric, though if the dimensions adhered to fairly whole numbers that would tend to imply an Earthly origin for the bracket.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    There seems to be some new info about technicians' who handled debris at one of the "3" crash sites in 1947.

    June 1 2022 - What "dissected bodies" were found in July 1947 New Mexico UFO crashes?

    From Earthfiles . . .

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    More on the Trinity UFO Crash in New Mexico . . .

    The Best Kept Secret in UFOlogy with Jacques Vallee
    Oct 18, 2022

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    The New Era in UFO Research with Jacques Vallée

    Interesting story at 30:35 (UFOs & the military)

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