my attention to the stars, if it moved? I watched it- I was 12.

I have always felt that there is no way we are alone- NO way!
I had an older sister (2015) who also watched the skies as we got older she would want to go
to places where UFO's/events had happened.

We had our mother,her daughter, and my family hooked/trapped into going with us to our event site.
Pensacola Beach/Gulf Breeze Florida-Ed Walters famous/infamous photos right?
It was about a year after maybe 1989- we sit with locals watching the skies near an inlet,and went back to our
condo on pensacola beach. Sis,and I saw at night around 8:00 pm in the clouds:
From left to right, one by one 4 lights-circular-not connected-come on,not moving and were about 100 yards out to sea.
WE stared,not blinking at what we saw! These lights were way to big to be airplane lights/helicopter/jet/Air balloons.
They did not blink.did not change color,nor move as we watched for at least 5 minutes. I remember saying:
"Do you"- YES! (as she interrupted my sentence) "see what I am seeing"?
Then from right to left they went off. one by one. We did not see any outline of the vehicle(s)- just lights.
They were not search lights just staying in place- no trail.
We had more-events- in future days spread out in different areas of our lives.

Thanks for your time.

Europa Tesla--