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Thread: Dr. Joseph farrell: Deep state sorcery!

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    Dr. Joseph farrell: Deep state sorcery!


    A Special Part 3 Dark Journalist Interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on Deep State Sorcery!
    In this Special Member Video Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell returns to join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a spellbinding look into how the Deep State has attempted through data mining to appropriate and utilize ancient systems of power and occult initiation to create a rule by sorcery! Dr. Farrell explains the cultures that left behind the record of advanced technology to the Babylonians and Egyptians and the implications of the sacred mystery rites falling into the wrong hands.

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    Humm, as you might notice the link above is not working (it was for a while). This is mentioned (around 1:25:10) in this next encounter with these two.
    Between them they really do go deep to that area that is actually just under the surface, very captivating talks.

    This is an newer interview . . .

    We'll see if this one disappears!

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