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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    Just when I'm away for a three days, my wife had a night of doomy world-ending in 14 days-dream with wondering about food and me distributing military/hiking-style large backpacks to people, and she hardly ever dreams - and now noticed a neat and clean triangular typical abduction mark! I'm almost jealous, she got to a ride in the questionable company, but sneaky fuckers!

    So, still around, also me here now and then. Hope you all are doing fine!

    Alas, image of the mark did not seem to attach. Will post a link.
    creators vs. griefers

  2. #2702 Here the three dots for the record, and yeah, no bedbugs or things around that would leave such marks. She is keen on maybe this meaning more interesting dreams in future.
    creators vs. griefers

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