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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    New episode/interview shortly:

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    Professor Garry P Nolan, of Stanford University, recently entered Think Tank's chat space on Twitter today for a Q&A:
    Following technical difficulties after after answering some of Tupacabra's questions, the interview continued here:

    There is some very good stuff over those 2 hours, and I highly recommend listening carefully.
    Over my end, I will be flying to the States within the next few days, to meet with some other high-end psychics/abductees. Depending on how this goes, they should be much better developed by the time I leave.
    The "ET" are very, very unhappy I am making this trip, so clearly this is worth many bonus points
    It is almost a guarantee they will visit me when I return. I wouldn't be surprised, in the slightest, if there is a confrontation in the States; if my photographic equipment is still working, I'll post photos... the being concerned may or may not be rather bruised.

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    You sure do have balls, ponti. Hope it's enlightening (and fun). What part of the states are you flying to? If you feel comfortable telling.

    I'm reading this fascinating book on Daoist magic and this section on energy reminded me of your story about walking past the site of a recent murder.

    Traditionally, all Daoist sorcerers are taught
    how to use their Ling Qi (Magical Energy) in
    order to more deeply interact with the multidi-
    mensional natures of environmental (Earth) and
    universal (Heaven) matter, energy, and spirit. In
    this type of magical training, the sorcerers are also
    schooled in understanding the natural energetic
    interactions that occur within all people, places,
    and things. These various energetic interactions
    are described as follows:

    • Energy and People: Every person carries the
    energetic imprint of specific habitual thoughts
    and emotions. These energetic patterns form
    the characteristics and the personality dynam-
    ics of each individual, are imprinted in every
    family, and are passed on from generation to
    generation. As cells create tissues which in
    turn create internal organs, so too do people
    create families, communities, and nations.
    Likewise, the energetic thoughts and emo-
    tions of specific cultures form the energetic
    basis of each nation and country.
    The energy body contains the influence of
    the body's Qi, created from the combined

    energetic interactions of the body's internal
    organ systems and energy systems. As a
    sorcerer progresses in his or her training, the
    thoughts and feelings that individuals project
    into the environment become more and more

    • Energy and Places: Each area, land, home,
    street, town, and country contains its own ac-
    cumulation of thoughts, ideas, emotions, and
    customs that are imprinted into its energetic
    fields. These energetic fields are imprinted by
    and interact with the environmental Qi. The
    minerals in the soil, plants, animals, humans,
    and various geological structures all combine
    to create an area's energetic pattern.

    For example, the accumulation of the thoughts and
    energy imprinted within a prison is quite
    different from that in a church.

    Each imprinted energetic field affects an
    individual due to the exchange of the life
    force energy that occurs when the individual
    submerges him or herself within that en-
    vironment. Any negative life force energy
    is absorbed into the blood and the internal
    organ systems, polluting the body. All toxic
    thoughts and emotions cause the energy to
    become "sticky" and more dense.
    Any increase in energetic density, which
    can be either positive or negative, gives way
    to the emission of ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is a
    dense form of energy that can be activated by
    charged emotions.

    The stronger and more intense the accumulated thought and emotion,
    the stronger and more powerful the energetic
    charge. The stronger the energetic charge, the
    easier it will be for ectoplasm to materialize.

    This energetic phenomena is demonstrated in
    situations in which, for example, a hideous mur-
    der occurs at a certain location (e.g., a house).
    Then, after the blood has been washed from the
    walls, and the house has been freshly painted,
    it is rented out to unsuspecting individuals.
    For many years, nothing out of the ordinary
    transpires in the house. Then, a fourth family
    moves in to the house and suddenly there is an
    energetic upheaval, resulting in extreme polter-
    geist activities and psychic attacks tormenting
    the new family. This sudden surge of psychic
    activity occurred because the negative energetic
    patterns existing within the fourth renting fam-
    ily automatically activated the pre-existing nega-
    tive energy existing within the environment.

    • Energy and Things: All sorcerers know
    that after an object has been imprinted with
    thought and emotion, that item will retain the
    imprinted energy for an extended period of
    time. Ancient icons and magical "tools" are an
    excellent example of the energetic imprinting
    of objects. The subconscious mind naturally
    becomes influenced through the energetic im-
    printing and activation of these ancient icons
    and magical tools. This is why a logo, seal,
    or crest, is used to energetically transfer the
    ancient power of a magical sect from genera-
    tion to generation.

    • Transforming the Energy of a Person, Place,
    or Thing: In order to change the energetic
    field of imprinted thoughts and emotions
    contained within any person, place or thing,
    the sorcerer must first purge (and sometimes
    bind and remove) the "old" energetic state.
    Next, the sorcerer creates a "new" energetic
    state (i.e., within his or her own body) and
    then projects this new energetic state out-
    wards in order to envelop and transform
    the person, place, or item. This energetic
    interaction causes the person, place, or thing
    to be engulfed and absorbed in the sorcerer's
    projected energetic field. This provides the
    sorcerer with the ability to initiate control over
    the person, place, or thing that has become
    overshadowed by his or her life-force energy.
    Fascinating stuff - the book is called Daoist magical transformation skills.
    “O crux ave spes unica”.
    Hail o cross, the only hope.

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    Hope you have a great trip Ponti. Sounds like a worthwhile project. Will they post on here?

    Been following Dr Nolan for a longtime. If he didn't mention it in the chat, he's a child abductee himself, partly one of the reasons he offered to help out Dr Greer with the Atacama humanoid.
    He's been working with Jacques Vallee on his ET samples and found some odd isotopic anomalies, he's been trying to get the results published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. They must be close to get that done soon.
    He's also been working with Dr Dean Radin. Dr Radin claims they have found the psychic genes, and that they are endemic in the human population, it is in fact genes which limit or shut off psychic ability that a more recent development and not so common.
    The pilot study of about 20 people, had a problem finding controls with no psychic ability. Now with the price of gene sequencing dropping all the time they are now repeating the study with hundreds of individuals. Dr Nolan's an absolute legend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    As I'm probing the Alien command structure more deeply, and finding locations, I find that a new crew is looking back. So, there was a set of signatures I was familiar with, but they've largely gone away.
    This is, of course, due to me carefully training people up with background information concerning the influence layer, and how various things including "ET" interface with it.
    They're "very unhappy", to put it mildly. Their method of telepathic monitoring is also lacking in subtlety, but I can see there is a degree more finesse involved. In turn, because of all this, any ability range which has been mostly dormant is simply active, so I need to be careful.
    Although I'm not 100% on it, I have a suspicion that the field strength is affecting surrounding electronics, as I have been seeing very interesting hardware error messages I've never seen before in my 20+ year career in the industry.
    I'm working on mitigating that, as it looks like a section of the field extends out further than I'm aware of, so it's a case of working out how to bring it in closer so that doesn't happen, or at least lower the effective range of operation in terms of influence types.

    Comments for this will be up in 24 hours, but this was a rather fun episode:
    Yes, we're quite literally getting up to the stage where people are concluding things are going down.

    From someone on the inside, "The Event" is supposed to happen soon. Keep in mind, they know I'm aware, so there's no guarantees that's truthful information. The bit communicated about 1/3 to 2/3 of the population dying off is probably accurate, but if we go by Biblical thirds, it'll be 1/3.
    No indications as to what "The Event" entails. I have my survival bits ready though. Indications are you should be well outside of a city; mainly due to the danger of other people, so it'll be roving bands of starving people and the usual apocalyptic nonsense. Later, it looks like the invasion *coughs*, sorry, rescue, will start in earnest; but be welcomed by the people still alive. It won't be until later, when more things are revealed, that they realise they have been had.

    I wonder if the rest of my swords will arrive in time...
    Are you referring to some kind of nuclear winter?

    Edit: I mean are you referring to the consequences of some kind of nuclear winter? Also, what is the motivation for extraterrestrials to invade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minnette View Post
    Are you referring to some kind of nuclear winter?

    Edit: I mean are you referring to the consequences of some kind of nuclear winter? Also, what is the motivation for extraterrestrials to invade?
    It's never really said what the event is, so all nebulous, but I think a nuclear winter would destroy most of the resources here; lifeforms.
    In terms of Humans, we'd be useful for genetics, so maintaining some genetically distinct populations as a resource sounds like the aim.
    As for the motivation for invasion, I suspect the "ET" are more dependent on the Human population here than they'll admit. If we die out, they go with us; I'm thinking from the point of view of "ET" being the product of Fallen Angels, their children.

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    As people with first hand knowledge of the events:

    Someone ought to reach out to correct the record of events in this documentary:

    California Drones of 2007
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    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    After watching that, I can't think of anything I remember enough of to correct. It seemed like a reasonable summary to me.

    I always felt the Schematic provided by Isaac to be legit. A complex of material and programing data all in one. Self-activating based on frequencies (harmonics) generating power in a sub-straight. (Like transistor junctions in solid states) . . .


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    That was great Fore thanks for sharing that. It was a great summation and must have taken him an age to put that all together.
    I was a bit of greenhorn back in the days of Open Minds Forum and remember getting completely lost in the details of the case back then.
    With more conformation coming out in the last few years - it looks much more likely to be true.
    Tom DeLonge meet someone at NASA Ames he was sent there by General MaCasland.
    Pretty sure I downloaded the Isaac docs at the time have them on a drive somewhere.
    Miss those days when the place was buzzing seems awefully quiet of late

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    I'm still alive, mainly on Discord and a bit of Twitter. Key research area right now is the rod system [interfaces with external influence structures], as well as a variety of Telepathic and other systems. However, work really gets in the way.
    Florida was "interesting" It was quite noticeable that I could detect the ambient field changes between regions, so there's certainly plenty going on.
    Keep in mind, I had not run into the glowing being before I went via the states on a visit to relatives in 2006/7, so this is following the encounter and all the subsequent associated effects.

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