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Thread: What we think we know so far

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    The ones that were already there didn't cause trouble... they just manifested in 3d or nearly so so I could see them.. when they would flash in. He loaded my apt with energy/loosh for those ETs to work with to manifest.

    I have had them manifest though before on various occasions in the past via through my own 'influence production'. But those who are like us, know that such abilities are an on and off thing and come in waves that may last for even months at a time before it weakens again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    Corrected a few points but otherwise should work. Are you going to put it in a chapter format?

    Should be fun. LOL, I wonder if TOP will be as resilient as OM was? Lets test it and see...

    P.S. Now that no one is watching what I say or divulge, I can say as much as I please. I don't know if you will come out unscathed though. Should be very interesting to talk without an editor actively working behind the scenes.

    I liked the name you made for this thread as well.
    I will be making some corrections as Pont. continues here. Anyone who wants me to send them some Raw Influence, as Fore calls it, just let me know. You will see the results too. But rest assured, I will NOT be sending you any trickster entities... like Fore sent to me... oh, but yes, but sent me one of the "Nicer Ones".
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    Originally Posted by pontificator
    Right, there is a lot of material to cover, would this section structure look about right to you Fore?

    1) Fundamental aspects of "The Influence" and it's effects in the physical universe.
    2) The physical universe as one dimensional aspect of "The Influence"
    3) Systems used by Multi-Dimensional's to enter Physical space from "outside" the universe [Translation Gates]
    4) The "Self->Spiritual Body- >Higher Mind->[Inter-connect] Filter->->Body/Lower Mind" System
    5) Non-Physical entities in the above systems.
    6) Physical entities in the above systems.
    ^) Trans-Dimenstional entities in the above systems.
    7) Artificial Entities. (Artificially created "Encounter" Bodies)
    8) Psychic Powers and Higher Order Entities on classifying such abilities as "Magic" [defined here as the manipulation of reality through supernatural means, which the usage of the influence would be.]
    9) Reclassification of some ET's as Technologically advanced Magicians?

    I will be putting the above in plain English minus the psycho/techno babble for greater clarity and understanding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    Attachment 186Attachment 187Attachment 188
    This should be familiar to some people. Now I currently seem to be unable to edit my posts in this thread, I will need that to be able to tidy things up as we go. Unfortunately the Open Minds forum is gone so I'll be using whatever backed-up material that is available.

    The above images concern the nature of reality [an imprecise understanding] as regards the effects of "The Influence" over the self. as this thread goes on these images will be described in more detail, including how it appears to work. Be aware that while we will be discussing paranormal abilities and psychic powers, they are firmly viewed as magic by any Angel that was asked to comment [read, research, understand, but don't do. A single human with such powers is used by others more skilled, and that is essentially why it is "bad" per say.]
    @ Any Readers

    In other words, Read, Learn and Understand....but beware.

    Technically, this a sense....forbidden knowledge. (Religiously speaking)

    So if you put it into practice, your in for a world of hurt because of so many hazards that exist if you intend to actually develop and use these abilities. There are also moral hazards that you will frequently encounter. There are also ethical issues that will quickly arise in your mind if you start to utilize these various types of paranormal phenomena to your advantage. If you learn about it and use it to understand what you see in ET/UFO accounts (in general) what once didn't make much sense....will now seem more "ordinary" and understandable.

    Also, a tiny warning for those currently engaged in ET affairs. If you absorb this information be aware that when you are "read" telepathically, you are very likely to be asked how you know about this or any of the topics within. You might be asked very firm questions or you might even be upgraded in their handling approach...though I am not sure that is a good thing.


    The more aware you are of "things you shouldn't know about" the more iffy your predicament becomes.

    If you are in front of the right ET, they might open up more with the truth [and less of the practiced disinfo] of what they are doing with you if they believe you have a sufficient understanding of what is happening around you.

    If you are in front of the wrong ET, well, bad things might happen as they try to figure out (from you) where you learned it from and what to do next (if anything).

    It is 50/50 luck of the draw. I hope you are a very lucky guy/gal!
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    Since I will be making some inputs to this thread, I will be showing you how you can use your own Influence Production to be able to capture photographic evidence of those beings/ets/entities should any of them be around you... which is usually the case. We each are surrounded by the unseen.

    If you do not have enough "Influence Production" then you will not be able to capture things photographically... unless the beings are already loaded with their own "Influence Production" to be able to manifest in ways to be able to be photographed or recorded by video.

    Fore said:
    Technically, this a sense....forbidden knowledge.
    The information being shared here is NOT forbidden knowledge.

    It may seem so in the presentation Fore and Pont are giving here because they are sometimes (many times) speaking cryptically to make things harder to understand for the neophyte... that and them using Fore's own terms he created for terms already in usage. That too serves the purpose to make things more complicated in terms of explaining everything and also making things sound more Science Fiction-like... like something out of Star Wars. lol
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    I will be putting the above in plain English minus the psycho/techno babble for greater clarity and understanding.
    I was hoping somebody would. I'm trying really hard to follow what you guys are talking about.
    This isn't poetry, this is the language of reality.

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    I will do my best Norerad... Unlike Fore and Pont who, curiously enough sound very much like writers, I myself am not a jack-of-all- trades which means that I am not, conveniently enough, a writer too.
    But I do have the background and expertise in this area on a number of different levels to be able to explain everything in plain English so that everybody will understand the information and not just science fiction fans including those who are familiar with Fores terms for things that already have other terms for them... lol.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    It is the full intention to gradually flesh this information out extensively over time with other peoples experiences and experimental data, and I am well aware that there are inconsistencies that were deliberately inserted into the working model by the entities concerned. The last thing that any of them wanted was a working HowTo manual wandering around on the net. Especially when it can be used to show a lot of what they do is largely an elaborate framework of lies [remember that, and never take anything at face value.]

    I will help you in every way I can. I can even explain why some of my trained abilities work. It is pretty simple to understand as long as the basics are already understood by the reader. The principles are nothing fancy "nor of Fantasy".

    I love it when some of the UFO community reads my material as they start to unravel many of the mysterious cases they read about over the years, it seems. With hundreds of cases in their memory it all starts to be reinterpreted in "a new light" and they start to deduce things they didn't previously.

    It is so much fun to see that happening, LOL.

    For the ETs though, it is not a fun event. Some of them see trouble brewing when people start to come to an understanding of events they previously did not understand. Some of the ETs only see people whom can now differentiate between what was once thought to be a fake now real...and what was once thought to be a real now a fake or inconsistent in some crucial way.

    They also start to see the claims people make (as crazy as they are "made to sound" by the ETs involved in mind games) and start to realize the scope of the foundation of lies that are being perpetuated. They have a woven tapestry...and no one likes it when the threads are pulled apart and it begins to unravel.

    My only determination is to replicate some of my understandings to other minds. So that they can then evaluate the multitude of cases through this understanding. I hope it is very enlightening and shocking at the same time.

    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    One of the biggest problems at the moment is that there are a lot of non-scientifically described documents on the subject, mainly concentrating on mysticism as opposed to a nuts and bolts understanding of the material concerned. This creates problems as you can fully understand, as well as presenting a multitude of terms for the same things, each with a slightly different definition [if there is one.] Therefore the reason the thread is entitled "we" as opposed to simply "Fore and Me" is that I expect the material to become highly hybridised over time. However, I will look at enforcing a certain standard of required in-depth analysis to see how it augments and fits in with Fore's model [Which works quite well when put into practice in terms of terminology and observation. There are some bits missing though, and these need to be clarified.]
    I will try my best to replicate my knowledge to you. I won't be visiting any other thread at TOP just to be sure any free time is dedicated to just this purpose.

    Quote Originally Posted by pontificator View Post
    @NewYorkLily, you are correct in that they give protection from evil if you are deserving of such protection [they only operate with Gods permission, and he does say no or limits the scope of what they can do.] One of the interesting things is that each person has a purpose and path to follow, one which might not necessarily result in you making it out the other end. It is up to the individual to apply their discretionary faculties as to what is required of them, and remember that Judas had a set fate that was absolutely necessary as it effectively set the final stage [someone had to do it after all.]

    In terms of magic I am using the Oxford definition, and that applies to psychic powers and other supernatural abilities. Be aware that granted powers from the Holy Spirit are a different kettle of fish, and follow a different rule-set as they are not 100% self generated and controlled [Self-generative abilities can be inherent, and effectively a natural feature when not utilized beyond their initial state. Training them separately, and having them augmented, usually leads to something else taking advantage of them which is why they are inherently bad at the current time. There are also issues where they can cause fundamental damage to reality, and that is definitely not good.]
    I am quite....shocked....that you understand this.

    You are one scary dude when it comes to insightful understanding of these things....insightful to a disturbing degree. I wonder if it was a coincidence that we met at the other forum?

    It is hard to leave me shocked...but somehow you succeeded in that. I didn't expect you to realize any of that.

    I have been witnessing the various abilities of the Holy Spirit and it is unlike mine. It is surprising at how it works when I ask and pray for it. That is just one of the core reasons why I have suspended the use of my own abilities. God is the provider, therefore I depend on Him. I no longer want to use my own strange as that sounds. It feels better this way.

    It is why I agree with you, I prefer people educate themselves about "the phenomena" for the sake of their own unique understanding and to be wiser about the situations they see and confront themselves. But not pick up these same "tools and their designs" to commit the same mistakes I did with them.
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    @ Pontif

    I suggest every three pages we compile a list of the most relevant material. So that anyone dropping in half way can save themselves time by reading the most relevant posts instead of the whole back and forth that has very little to do with the purpose of the thread.

    I suggest this kind of format (example):


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    I can even explain why some of my trained abilities work.

    Oh... in my case it is different. I will not only be explaining my own trained abilities, but I will be doing demonstrations of them too.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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