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Thread: 1933 UFO Crash Magenta Italy

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    1933 UFO Crash Magenta Italy

    Luis Elizondo recently confirmed that there was an earlier crash to Roswell in Italy and that after WWII the US military brought back pieces to USA. It is most probably this case recently translated (published 2020) from the Italian in a new book by Philip Mantle.

    This section and a longer section with photographs is posted on the Blackvault website

    The following information is taken from my new book ‘UFO CONTACTS IN ITALY -VOLUME TWO’ which has just been published by Philip Mantle’s publishing company ‘FLYING DISK PRESS’. It is the first time that this information has been made available in english.

    Benito Mussolini and Sen. Guglielmo Marconi, head of the Italian Royal Academy
    In 2000, during the annual World UFO Symposium in San Marino, my colleague Alfredo Lissoni and I gave a lecture on the sensational discovery of some new original material, which has been sent to us anonymously on a number of occasions regarding the existence of the so-called “Fascist UFO Files”. This material dealt with a purported flying saucer that had either crashed or landed near Magenta in Lombardy in Italy on April 11th, 1933, some fourteen years before the famous Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash. This event involved a subsequent investigation by an obscure war time intelligence unit called “Gabinetto RS/33” (or RS/33 Cabinet ), ‘RS’ is the acronym for Ricerche Speciali or Special Researches, and 33 means 1933, this group had been authorized by Benito Mussolini to study the problem.

    Map of the Magenta 1933 UFO crash
    Later the crashed UFO was stored in the hangars of the SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate. Mussolini thought that this “unconventional flying vehicle” was a French, British or German secret weapon, but apparently Guglielmo Marconi believed it was Extra-Terrestrial in nature. The RS/33 Cabinet – according to the mysterious sender of the material who wrote to us saying he was a relative of one of its members who had investigated this. Apparently, between 1933 and 1940, there were many different Italian UFO sightings:…

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    There was a History Channel UFO Special a year or two back where Luis E. went to Italy for research.
    At the end of the show/meetings he was given a flash drive loaded with Many, if not all, UFO/Italian reports.
    Wonder if this case file was listed on that flash drive?
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    Hi Calikid

    Seems the books are translations the works of Italian researcher Roberto Pinotti, he helped set up of the CUN (Centro Ufologico Nazionale) Italy largest civilian UFO organisation.

    Roberto Pinotti was born in Venice, Italy, in 1944. He is a journalist and author and the main Italian ufologist. According to his website, he has a degree in political science and applied social sciences from the University of Florence, a professional journalism qualification, and a degree in Business Administration and Management Science.[1]

    Since 1960 he has searched for any available documentation or information about the UFO phenomena.

    Formerly an officer of the NATO Italian Army III Missile Brigade, near Venice. He was the only Italian ufologist to participate in the French Groupement d'Étude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés (GEPAN). He organized the first "International UFO Symposium", working for the Republic of San Marino. He is also a writer for the Rivista Aeronautica of the Italian Air Force. Pinotti is also a proponent of several international rules of conduct for post-contact with extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

    Seems he was also instrumental in setting up the San Marino conference as he is also president of the ICER (International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research) who ran it.
    You're almost certainly right.

    More info on him on his website he's unsurprisingly a resident of San Marino

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