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Thread: What Happened to Anjali Schultz?

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    What Happened to Anjali Schultz?

    Did Anjali Schultz really enter a cave and meet aliens who told her to return a group of scientists to meet them? Whitley explores Anajali's story from the perspective of a longtime close encounter witness.

    Published 21st January 2022 (1:06:51) on Whitley Strieber's YouTube Channel . . .

    Very interesting . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    This meme kind of made me LOL.

    Actual Song.
    Beat picks up around 2 Minutes+

    I don't follow the connection!

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    Yep Calikid

    Have your kids got into your account?

    Related to the Whitley interview he mentions a third half hour but it's not free
    That would be the best part no doubt ah well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    I don't follow the connection!

    My bad.
    Musta fat fingered the thread.
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    Part 2: What in the World Happened to Anjali Schultz?

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