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Thread: Salvatore Pias on Quantum Gravity, UFO Patents, Pais Effect, and the Superforce

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    Salvatore Pias on Quantum Gravity, UFO Patents, Pais Effect, and the Superforce

    There has only every been one interview with Salvatore Pias in the past. He is the guy behind the mysterious US Navy patents.
    Kurt is a good physicist and asks great technical questions. Part 1 of 2 another interview to come.
    This is a major development. Enjoy

    Kurt links under his Youtube post... full links under the original when missing here


    -High frequency gravitational wave generator:
    -Craft using an inertial mass reduction device:
    -Piezoelectricity-induced High Temperature Superconductor:

    -"Ashtekar Bounce" / Robustness of key features of loop quantum cosmology:
    -Eric Davis' "Frontiers of Propulsion Science" book:
    -Conversations on Quantum Gravity:
    -Ross Coulthart's "In Plain Sight":
    -Carlo Rovelli podcast:
    -Ross Coulthart podcast:
    -Karl Friston podcast #2 (watch first):
    -Karl Friston podcast #1:
    -David Gross with Carlo Rovelli:
    -Ross Coulthart's interview:

    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:04:58 The story behind the UFO patents
    00:09:23 Why Sal emailed Curt to come onto TOE
    00:12:16 The Pais Effect
    00:13:38 The UFO patents
    00:17:28 Responding to the patent officer's initial rejection
    00:21:23 Energy in the quantum vacuum (introduction to the Superforce)
    00:23:58 Are the patents disinformation? A bluff to scare off China?
    00:25:13 Why did James Sheehy say the technology was "operable"?
    00:26:31 Can we use the 1 Coulomb charge, necessary for the Pais effect?
    00:28:05 The inspiration for Pais' patents
    00:29:15 Spin vs. Vibration
    00:30:19 Piezoelectric materials (pulsing electricity through it)
    00:35:11 Eric Davis' book helped introduce these ideas to Sal
    00:36:19 The Schwinger effect
    00:39:13 The Gertsenshtein effect
    00:42:35 Microwave emitters inside the walls of the craft
    00:46:15 The Prigogine effect
    00:50:57 Why Quantum Gravity is so non-trivial (Curt's detour into the math)
    00:58:32 The Superforce / Plank force
    01:10:21 [Dan Zetterstrom] Ball lightning and plasma
    01:11:17 UFO orbs are probes in the form of plasma
    01:13:22 Prof. Viktor Lakhno
    01:14:02 Bose Einstein condensate / Superconductor
    01:16:10 Trying to publish on Arxiv
    01:17:47 Publishing the patents
    01:22:49 If UAPs operate via this effect, can we detect it? (back of the envelope calculation)
    01:23:21 Being called a sharlatan and a crank...
    01:26:36 How much time / money would it cost to build the technology?
    01:28:24 Why didn't the gov't file the patents secretly instead? ("hiding in plain sight")
    01:31:34 What does Sal make of the claims of "disinformation"
    01:33:33 It hurts to be called a sharlatan and a crank...
    01:35:24 Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff
    01:37:13 Being kind, even those who are unkind to you...
    01:38:47 Physics without philosophy is like a seed without water
    01:45:30 Convincing James Sheehy
    01:50:05 Podkletnov's and Ning Li's research
    01:54:56 Has something occurred "behind the scenes" that allows Sal to come forward?
    01:58:32 Sal's message to the audience[/I]

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    Just finished listening to this... fantastic.
    If Pais was a fraud Kurt would have torn through him. Pias comes across as extremely knowledgeable and well read in physics.
    I think Salvatore should be looking at a Nobel prize for these papers, maybe more than one, and I think that history will reflect that fact.

    The Super force part was very convincing and sitting there right in Einstein's theory of General Relativity.
    He has an engineer's mind and what comes with that is an ability to look at equations and see what they mean in the real world.

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    He's back on Theories of Everything with Prof Stephon Alexander and Sal seems to hold his own - very impressive

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