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Thread: Hello everyone...

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    Hello everyone...

    Hello everyone, I am just starting to try and reach out to other individuals for the first time regarding some of the experiences I've had going back to childhood. My experiences aren't as interesting or detailed as some others I have read. But they are truth and I'm trying to figure out what I should do because I'm being compelled to do so.

    I'm from central WV, I grew up here in a secluded part of the foothills of the Appalachians. I have had involuntary episodes of what I would consider "remote viewing" and I've also had some other experiences I feel could be related to either extra terrestrial or extra dimensional contact. Though the details of some of those experiences are hidden or blocked from me.

    I have tried to push all this back in my mind for decades now. I finally gave in a few months back and decided to instead open my mind to all of it and see if I can find answers. I have been involuntarily remote viewing since the age of 12-13yrs old. These come to me in the form of lucid dreams and end with me being paralyzed in my sleep. I've seen snippets of my own future on multiple occasions, but they are just random moments of my life. I only realize that I have seen them before when I am hit with the feeling of deja vu, then I remember the lucid dream and watch the moment play out just as I had seen it months or even years prior.

    I've seen what I thought was my own death. I've seen people that I know aren't me in different, sometimes cataclysmic situations. I sometimes just see random moments of other people's lives. I'm trying to learn control and direct it so I make some sense of why I am having these uncontrollable episodes.

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