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    Some things I see...

    I'm going to try and put some of the things I see out there. I don't necessarily want to but I'm being compelled to do so. This has been going on most of my life. I've seen things such as random moments with a family looking out over a field from a porch, don't know who it was. I've seen myself and what I thought/felt was my son driving at night through a mountain pass. When I catch a glimpse of what I thought was a small drone. I was scared when I saw it and sped the car up. But it still got above my car and pulled me out of the driver's seat and through the roof of the car. Another one recently where what I believed to be myself and my family, though I felt it was my family it actually wasn't. We were at home and an unbelievable, massive sound and light from outside the house so bright that it would sunburn our skin to get exposed to it. I grabbed my kids and hid them beneath the bed to try to keep them from getting burned. I remembered the dry leaves were burning in places on the hillsides. Also the rooftops of other houses were smoking from the heat and it turned orange outside. I've experienced other people's death, at the moment of death and a few seconds afterwards. It was to this day the most freeing and amazing feeling I've ever felt, once I had crossed over that threshold so to speak. It was just nothing, it was white and I could no longer feel my body. I was at peace.

    I've had multiple instances of waking up and walking through my house. Into the kitchen and believed I was awake until I noticed the cabinets in my kitchen were not the right color, everything else was the same. The very moment I notice something is off I snap back to my bed, paralyzed and I never actually woke up. These are beyond lucid dreams, I'm in someone else's body or mind. I'm not intending to do this but I can't control it. Some of these experiences can't be of this reality or if they are, they are of a different time.

    I have had multiple instances where my dreams become reality in my own life. Always during a moment of deja vu do I remember it. The dream slowly plays out into reality just exactly how I remember it. Though these are random moments that I believe are of no consequence. For example, I was 12yrs old and had a dream of being in a strange classroom with strange students I didn't recognize. I didn't recognize the teacher either. 3yrs later and I'm in High School English class and I have deja vu. This was the first time I realized I had dreamed all of this before. But I can't recall or recognize the dream until after the deja vu moment. It's happened enough times now that I've experimented with the outcomes. I'm still able to change my decisions from those I made when I dreamed them.

    I had one last night, though in the moment I thought it was new. But as the day goes on I know I've seen this thing before. It's just a black dot/circle against an overcast sky. It's directly over me, circling and moving in different ways. Sometimes triangular, then circular and so on. It never stops and trails a stream of black whispy smoke behind it. I just watch it circling above me, it's as real as me typing this right now. It doesn't do anything else, just circles above me trailing the black smoke. I tried downloading a drawing but my wifi disconnects and reconnects every time I try, seems like it doesn't want me to do that. Hopefully my description will suffice.

    There must be some purpose to me seeing all these different scenarios? I feel like I'm being pushed to learn and do something with it. It usually coincides with my sleep paralysis, which I've had so much that I've experimented with it also. If I can catch it just right, I can make my body sleep but keep my mind awake. It's an amazing feeling because I can no longer feel my body. It's like my body is a gelatinous bean bag chair for my mind/consciousness.

    I don't know how ready I am to go into my ET experiences. I've never seen them, they won't let me. It's happened since I was young and it terrified me beyond belief. To this day I'm scared to death of windows at night. I can go outside at night and be fine, but I can't even look toward a window at night. I could never actually see them, they were always just out of my peripheral vision and hazy. As an adult I believe the physical visitation has ceased and is now all mental. My wife is always with me nearly every day for 19yrs. 6yrs ago she went out of town with my kids, I had to work. I was in bed, alone when I felt knee impressions or something like that press into the bed on each side of me upon being woken up late at night. I was so sure it was my wife because I started calling out for her. I thought she had come home in the middle of the night. But as I came out of it I realized I was still alone. This was like the experiences I had as a child. I couldn't see it, it was darkened and always just out of my vision.

    I've been trying to comprehend all this. I have always known they were real, it's involuntary. I hear things about ET and I just know some things are true and some aren't. Same with religion, I never had any choice I just knew it wasn't true. I do get a sense of vindication when I hear someone else say something I know to be true. I also have mental abilities that never made sense. I could always draw, play any musical instruments without training, I retain information to the point that it is a curse sometimes. But I struggle with today's society, I don't fit in whatsoever.

    So I just wanted to put some of these things out there and get them off my chest. I don't really know why I want to but like I said I'm being compelled to. I don't know to what end or if it will mean anything. I know I'm connected to ET somehow, it's one of things I know to be true. I don't know why I'm seeing so many different people and places. They are very real and nothing crazy or goofy happens like many others say in they're dreams. I see, hear, feel, taste etc. during these and I don't understand why I'm being shown these things.

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    The "nuclear type explosion" that I saw was particularly unsettling. I had this vision in February of this past year and I told my wife about it. A month later the Russia invasion began and nukes were once again a major topic of discussion. I'm not saying that I'm clairvoyant, it doesn't work that way. Plus I didn't recognize the house I was in and if the kids were my own they were several years older than they are now, basically adults.

    As this vision unfolded I learned that the explosion was not intended to play out as it did. Something had gone wrong and it didn't strike it's intended target or malfunctioned somehow. We survived the initial blast but were all pretty badly burned on our unexposed skin. I remember repeatedly removing my son from the window because he kept looking outside for our dogs. I remember seeing the "sunburned" look of the skin on his face and arm. I remember the feeling of the burns on my own skin.

    I remember the orange tint to everything outside. There were entire patches of dry leaves smoldering on the hillsides. All of my plants wilted and I remember what looked like steam rolling off of the rooftops of other homes and I knew they were hot. Everything metal remained hot to the touch afterwards. I remember our neighbors, whom I don't recognize now, went past on an ATV, armed and dressed in heavy winter clothing. I'm guessing to keep the heat/radiation off of them?

    Anyway, I am not sure why I had this vision. These are always different than my dreams. I have dreams and then I have these "visions" for lack of a better term and they are much different from each other. It may have just been a warning or something showing me what it would be like to experience a nuclear explosion? If so, I have been compelled to share it. Thinking back I'm not sure it was actually me and my family in the vision. It was awful, it killed everything.

    I love nature, I love my gardens and plants. I love the wild animals and I feel most fortunate to live in a place where I'm surrounded by them. Watching everything, the plants, animals, etc immediately begin to burn and die still haunts me. It spared nothing, the orange heat penetrated everything. I pray it never happens on this planet. I couldn't bear to see it happen again it was the purest sorrow I've ever felt.
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    I guess my picture I tried to attach finally worked but it attached to the post above^^^ regarding my nuclear vision.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this before. If you click it you'll see the actual black orb and my best attempt at the wispy smoke that trails it as it travels in my vision. Below it I've attempted to convey it's motion. It just constantly moves in these loops, overhead and against on overcast cloudy sky. I see this upon waking and I'm nearly awake when it appears. It is completely solid black and the smoke is black also.

    As I've said before, these are my first attempts with sharing these things with anyone other than my wife. I feel like I'm being pressured to start putting my visions out there. I'm unsure of their purpose, if they have any? I'm being shown things in such fantastic detail. Far beyond a typical dream and I can recall them perfectly as if I lived them.

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    Another one that I thought of today was my first time having sleep paralysis. My wife and I were living in Richmond, VA at the time. We were house sitting for my wife's Aunt and Uncle and a Hurricane hit the east coast. It came inland and hit Richmond with high wind and water. I remember Shockoe Bottom flooded downtown and the house we were watching flooded in the basement.

    We were finally able to sleep in the early morning hours and I awoke paralyzed. This was the one and only time I ever saw any kind of "being". I remember seeing a place I thought was familiar to me from back in WV. I was just standing along a road and I was looking around trying to figure out what was going on. When all of a sudden I saw what appeared to be a creature that resembled a black panther with a humanoid face.

    When I saw this thing it startled me and I gasped and jumped a bit. Surprisingly this thing saw me at around this same moment and I was surprised to see I startled it too. It jumped toward a nearby tree, climbed around and up the backside of the tree kind of like a squirrel would. It made it's way to the first limb of the tree and clung to it, hiding as much of itself away from me as possible. It stuck it's head out from around the tree and looked back at me. Both of us appeared to have startled each other, but I knew it was me that didn't belong.

    It didn't do anything else, it just looked at me. All the while doing it's best to hide itself behind the tree but still be able to see what I was doing. At this point I awoke, I was fighting with everything in me to wake up and get back to my body. This was my first experience with sleep paralysis. Since then I've had hundreds of bouts of the same type of paralysis. But I've never seen another being or creature since.

    I always have a feeling like there's something in my bedroom with me. I can't put my eyes on it no matter how hard I try to see it. The closest I came was the one time years later when I was alone in bed when my family was out of town. I felt something pressing into the mattress on my right then on my left. Then as I slowly came out of it I tried to see it but I couldn't. It made me believe it was my wife and to be very honest it upset me that it fooled me so easily. It made me angry more than anything. Because I thought my wife was home, I literally called out for her and checked the driveway and house for her. I believed that strongly she was there even after I had woken up. I knew she wasn't there after a few minutes, but believed it so much I continued to look for her.

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    Thanks for sharing this Helmsnich and Welcome
    I think they are largely trying to just wake us up a bit, so we realise there are other beings all around and everywhere, there may be many that we can't see and would have trouble comprending.
    Like Luis Elizondo and others have said we may well share this world with other beings, maybe the are living a second into our future, maybe the are a subtler form of matter we just can't see. But chances are we may well be affecting their world as well as our own.
    Most people have psychic ability but few have anything very well developed, it something that has been denied for a long time now but hopefully things are starting to change.

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