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    Lighthouses in the Dark

    Lighthouses in the Dark: On the Genomics of Supernormality & Close Encounters of the 6th Kind

    During a recent podcast appearance, Elizondo stated that his work with Drs. Christopher Canfield “Kit” Green and Harold “Hal” Puthoff had exposed him to things he could not “explain as a scientist”. He refused to go into specifics about exactly what this work entailed, however, for fear of taking the public conversation down a “rabbit hole” of “woo”.
    This article is a good read if you do want to slide down the rabbit hole of "woo"


    For the impatient soul who may want to jump ahead to a section of particular interest, I offer this brief chronological overview of its main themes.

    A recap of the concept of Close Encounters of the 6th Kind (CE-6) aka UFO-baiting.
    A comprehensive introduction to the 6th observable (biological effects) and the trailblazing research being conducted by Drs. Christopher Green and Garry P. Nolan on the brains and genes of experiencers.
    A discussion of the concept of Cognitive Human Interface (CHI).
    A presentation of cases in which individuals from Green and Nolan’s cohort of experiencers appear to have been used as “bait” to attract UFOs.
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  2. #2 - Demonstration of negative refraction induced by synthetic gauge fields

    The link above actually belonged here

    The applications for the above are enormous. The moire pattern reminds me of two things - teleportation in the sense of phase transitions / and Fore's alien templating technology. The phase transition application may have applications into quantum computing, or even in high resolution optical imaging.

    The materials they found at the skinwalker ranch eerily seem similar to what is being described here. With applications ranging from cloaking to energy harvesting.

    Note the energy emissions from these types of materials most likely have the ability to trigger or interact with brain chemistry.


    Their results on the brain scans was expected (EMDR Bi-lateral stimulation, used for PTSD) - from a personal experience this is a repetitive sync to center equilibrium or synch which releases a set of chemicals inducing a rush sensation. A precursor to an altered state of mind perhaps similar to deep meditation over prolonged periods of time. Perhaps why they are showing positive results with magic mushrooms when dealing with brain chemistry where in it creates this bridging effect. May also be why the CIA experiment with psychedelics, they may not have known the exact physiology, but they were probably getting some spooky/woo type results.
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