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Thread: The Bigger Picture

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    The Bigger Picture

    In our most recent set of 'Ask the Panel' questions in JAR Magazine, we did a special on the bigger picture.

    You can find the articles here:


    Tom Montalk's article is also available as a video:

    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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    In a way the link above is related to the other thread I posted it in. What follows is speculative it is more of what I feel is the overarching goal. However other than my own perception and directional perspective from long term experience and search for answers; I have nothing to truly ground this into an objective nuts and bolts reality.

    To track history and speculating there has been a guiding force pushing humanity towards an end goal with ulterior motives. The tech advances and known aspects revolve around artificial intelligence, transhumanism, DNA manipulation. There is also work in phasing / transition tech, optical cloaking, and energy harvesting. From a manipulative perspective we mind control, artificial telepathy and time manipulation.

    These are being sold to the general public as human longevity do you want to live for an additional 300 to 500 years? Would like to be enhanced with super power type abilities? How about a vacation into the past to eyewitness historical events? Would it not be great to have clothing that can cloak you, or what if we could apply this directly to your DNA? Would you like to know what those around you are actually thinking?

    So basing this in part on what we are being sold, the rose colored glasses and mixing it into my own set of experiences to project forward into a potential set of future events into what may be an underlying agenda.

    To start I feel this has a non-corporal intelligence driving this agenda. There are both material and field type interactions occurring. The temporal events are non-linear, in the sense of a force driving towards manifesting themselves into our reality from what we perceive as the future.

    To achieve this, it appears like our technology is being guide. Next steps will encompass establishing an AI, which will serve as a foundation for human evolution into transhumanism. The transhumanism portion will most likely be implemented using DNA bots. DNA Bots will probably start out as fixing known markers for things like types of heart disease, strokes, certain types of cancer. Unfolding into offerings for longevity and other enhancements. Ultimately it may even move into downloading a person's consciousness into a central repository. Where this can then be transferred into a manufactured body.

    What this points to is a Borg like existence, where this Non-corporal intelligent entity can transition into. However it would also need a method to move its own consciousness into our reality. While DNA bots would provide a way to transfer information to what would amount to a wet work brain interface this would be limited. Although it provides for a hive mind it does not provide this entity with its own corporal body. This entity or set of entities would also want to ensure whatever body or mobile structure it transitioned to would fit all it's needs. Humans would be guinea pigs to create and test the various systems and interfaces needed.

    At a personal level I feel aliens exist between our objective reality, and the reality this entity or entities reside in. They would be the bridge between the two realities. There work would be to create this connection primarily at this point via DNA manipulation hybridization to create a viable platform through which whatever the final transition is can occur.

    Having said the above I will point out this has strong judeo-christian undertones and implications. As my wife would say what we know is in the end GOD wins. What I can say to this is that natural psychic type abilities are underpinned to GOD's will and direction. For those who continue to fight this war in hell, and walk in the dark so their other half can walk in light.
    sit on the edge to watch something unfold with a force we cannot control but communicate with

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