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Thread: Moment of Contact - James Fox's new film

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    The doctor Roger Lier spoke to claimed he had a massive telepathic download from the alien.
    He wouldn’t reveal much about it but said they felt sorry for us because we could do everything they could do, but we’re completely cut off from our spiritual selves. When he helped to fix the beings broken leg, it took over control of his arms and as soon as the bones were joined - they fused together.

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    I'm convinced things like telepathy are innate to us. We just haven't learned how to use it / tap into it.
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Hi Garuda
    I'm convinced of it too. It's the next step in our evolution as a species to reconnect to our spiritual side and wake up. We've got massive blocks in our awareness cutting ourselves off from our connection with everything.
    Isn't it something abductees talk about all the time?
    I wonder how that has come about? Whether there has been a off-world program to deliberately cripple or suppress those natural abilities or it's a natural thing to awaken slowly.
    When we really discover our true nature - we won't be controllable, maybe that was an issue before? Hopefully we mature in a way which will benefit all beings

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