Racetrack UFOs over the Pacific

Very good write up about these sightings in the UK Daily Mail


EXCLUSIVE: Dramatic videos of UFOs over the Pacific are revealed, as expert pilots describe seeing bright lights moving in 'race track' circles over the summer - but say their employers told them to keep quiet

Pilots claim they saw UFOs while flying on routes from Japan and Hawaii in August and September
Now captains and a former F-18 pilot describe to DailyMail.com seeing bright lights moving in elongated circles or 'race tracks' for hours high in the sky
The series of sightings were seen by dozens of pilots and captured on video and in air traffic control recordings
Witnesses tell DailyMail.com they are now being told by their employers to keep quiet about the sightings
Pilot Chris Van Voorhis said UFO sightings are quite common among pilots, 'Out of my pilot friends, at least 50% have seen some type of an anomaly'
Van Voorhis said his employer told him to 'cease and desist' even mentioning the incident in public, and that he feared his job could be at risk for reporting his sighting...

Ben Hansen has done some incredible work on these sightings, he's an aviation expert and has doggedly chased up pilots and they've sent him a great deal of mobile phone footage.
One of the recent sightings had over 12 seperate pilots witnessing the lights. The videos aren't hugely impressive to look at but it is the sheer volume of pilot testimony that makes these sightings so interesting.

Ben's latest report