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Thread: 'Loose Threads' Omega Pt and The Hermetic Penetrator

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    'Loose Threads' Omega Pt and The Hermetic Penetrator

    Two anonymous reseachers, Omega Pt and The Hermetic Penetrator have produced a phenomenal paper pulling together some many loose threads of the UFO puzzle.
    Covers so many of the key players who straddle the black and grey worlds of the US UFO research, John Alexander, Jacques Vallee, Kit Green, Bigelow, Eric Davis, Garry Nolan, John Burroughs, Hal Puthoff, and numerous others.

    Starting with John Alexander's Advanced Theortical Physics Working Group, pulls together all the connections behind the scenes. How Alexander and others tried to access Back Engineering Legacy programs by creating relevant research of their own.
    Covers the Wilson Memo, UFO baiting, remote viewing, directed energy weapons and UFO shoot downs, UFO baiting, Anti-neutrino detectors as a way of finding UFO hotspots, so much of the stuff which was buried but in plain.

    This is an incredible effort which people are going to be talking about for quite a while. Richard Dolan calls it the most impressive bit of UFO research in the last few years.

    The authors Twitter handles:

    Richard Dolan recent interview with Omega Pt

    From their Medium page where you can access the “Loose Threads” PDF:

    The Advanced Theoretical Physics working group was a collaboration of contractors, scientists, and intelligence community officials devoted to uncovering the truth about the government’s involvement with UFOs, exotic technologies, and related phenomena. The group, formed and directed by Col. John B. Alexander in the mid 80’s, has garnered much interest over the years for a variety of reasons. The notes of James “Oke” Shannon and Jack Houck from ATP meetings in 1985 have recently become available for public research. They offer rare firsthand accounts of the inner workings of this secretive group, and have provided researchers with vital context and tantalizing details from the time period. Upon close examination, Houck and Shannon’s notes appear to be “in dialogue” with what has proven to be one of the most significant documents in UFO history, Dr. Eric Davis’ notes from his meeting with VADM Thomas Wilson in 2002. We explore these dialogues at length throughout this piece, exposing some obvious and not-so-obvious connections along the way.

    In addition, we attempt to document the many associations between members of the intelligence community who were active in UFO-related research during the time period. Rather than a series of ad hoc and disparate collaborations between individuals with casual interest, we discover a core of life-long devotees to the subject — with the clearances and connections to make serious progress on the topic. These associations continue to this day, and have catalyzed modern initiatives to conduct covert research into the topic by groups both inside and outside of the military industrial complex.

    What follows is the culmination of a collaborative effort between a small group of researchers. We are indebted to the many sources linked and referenced throughout this piece. Though our circle during production was small, you will find that we have many contributors, ranging from authors and journalists with massive readership to anonymous twitter users with a handful of followers. We are especially indebted to those researchers who have come and gone, who paved the way for the current “push” towards transparency, who willingly sacrificed their reputations in pursuit of the truth.

    We would like to offer special thanks to @rgh_ufos, Christopher Wolford (@devgru1980mi), James Iandoli (@EngagingThe), Luigi D’Istria (@IstriaLuigi), Grant Cameron (@GrantCameron), and Giuliano Marinkovic (@OmniTalkRadio) who each contributed in large and small ways to this piece.

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    Thanks, downloading the PDF now, and following them both on Twitter.

    (Edit to add: the PDF downloaded in 25 seconds).
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