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Thread: Leslie Kean's UFOs Investigating the Unknown

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    Leslie Kean's UFOs Investigating the Unknown

    Hi Guys

    Leslie Kean's UFO series has started airing on Nat Geo and on Hulu. It's been in the pipeline for over a year and has been delayed as the original channel she produced it for was bought out.
    It will be out later on Vice and Disney +, which will at least mean it will get a worldwide release.

    Someone has posted Ep01 here, don't know how long the link will last

    She wrote on Facebook yesterday 'Episodes 3 & 4 of UFOs: Investigating the Unknown will air Monday[20th Feb] on Nat Geo @ 9/10 EST and Tuesday[21st Feb] on Hulu. James Fox is part of Ep 4. For those of you who watched Ep 1 & 2, I hope you enjoyed them!'

    Has all the big hitters in there, Sen Harry Reid, Dave Fravor ,Alex Dietrich (Fravor Wingman) Luis Elizondo, Snr Gillibrand, John Podesta, Chris Melon, Chad Underwood, Helene Cooper and Ralph Blumenthal Michio Kaku...

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    Thanks for the heads up.
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