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Thread: DISCLOSURE Moving Along?

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    Veteran paratrooper reveals British special forces recovered a downed 'non-human' craft in northern England in late 1980s - supporting recent US whistleblowers' claims of a secret UFO crash retrieval program

    British paratrooper veteran Franc Milburn claims a former member of the British special forces came clean to him about the top secret operation in the late 1980s
    'He just said it was obvious it was non-human, and it was obvious that there were occupants who had fled the scene on foot,' he told
    Milburn said he decided to come forward with the story to support recent US whistleblowers' claims of a secret UFO crash retrieval program...

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    Danny Sheehan Talks UFO Whistleblowers, New Hearings, Catastrophic Disclosure:

    33,306 views Apr 9, 2024

    Big interview on today's show. One of the biggest advocates for UAP disclorure is Daniel Sheehan. He is the attorney for Lue elizondo and a first hand wtness to the a crashed vechicle. that he witnessed phots from on Project Blue Book documents. In this interview Ias Danny.

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    Another cracking article by Chris Sharp

    ...Gallaudet maintains contact with highly credible first-hand whistleblowers who assert, through programs they have worked on, that advanced multiple species of non-human intelligence in various crafts have visited and continue to visit Earth.

    Gallaudet told Liberation Times:

    “I do know from the people I trust, who have had access to some of these programs, that there are different types of non-human intelligence visiting us whose intentions we do not know.”...

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    The KONA BLUE FOIA released documents:

    Theoretically a container for prior ending programs, we have to consider that a successful program application for a SAP would not be known to us yet.
    Despite this being the failed application, the mentioned elements in the document are worthwhile looking into, as they indicate the knowledgebase and thinking of those in the know.
    Of particular interest is the necessity to harvest oral histories, indicating that the silly sounding research idea where the researchers always started from scratch, and sent their research notes somewhere else without keeping copies, is probably close to the truth.

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    David Grusch has called out DNI Avril Haines on multiple occasions! Let's learn the significance of this. UFO News is threaded into this video as well.

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