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Thread: DISCLOSURE Moving Along?

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    As the Empire Crumbles ... Controlled UAP Disclosure? | The Richard Dolan Show

    A lot of points brought up in this show . . .

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    Dr. Garry Nolan on UAP UFO work at Sol & revelations by whistleblower David Grusch:

    Stanford Professor and Executive Director of The Board of The Sol Foundation discusses what is going on behind the scenes at The Sol Foundation, The Schumer Amendment debacle, revelations by David Grusch on Lockheed Crash retrievals and UFO UAP back engineering programs made on the Joe Rogan.

    . . . this speaks for itself . . .

    IMO an hour well spent!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shere Khaan View Post
    So many anonymous whistleblowers at the moment it's hard to keep track of them all!
    Especially when we donít know their names

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    I only listened to a few minutes of this video and what Attorney Daniel Sheehan is saying from 8:00 to 9:04 is just remarkable !!!

    Attorney Daniel Sheehan on the UFO / UAP Schumer Amendment and More!

    . . .
    This YouTube may not stay up long!!!

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    Hi Epo he also appeared on That UAP Podcast

    In it he reveals how the USG had a live alien and managed to communicate with it!!! Stunning stuff.

    So much going on at the moment wth the UAPDA (Disclosure Act) Too much to post in here but last night Chuck Schumer made a statement the to house...

    While it is not related to China, House Republicans are also attempting to kill another commonsense, bipartisan measure passed by the Senate Ė which I was proud to co-sponsor with Senator Rounds as the lead sponsor Ė to increase transparency around what the government does and does not know about Unidentified Areal Phenomena.

    Unidentified Areal Phenomena generate intense curiosity for many Americans, and the risk for confusion and misinformation is high if the government isnít willing to be transparent.

    The measure I championed with Senator Rounds would create a board Ė just like we did with the JFK assassination records Ė to work through the declassification of many government records on UAPs. This model has been a terrific success for decades. It should be used again with UAPs. But once again, House Republicans are ready to kill this bipartisan provision.

    Now, weíre going to get the NDAA done this year, just like we have for more than six decades, but thereís still some more work to do.

    Ross Coulthard was saying the UAPDA has been gutted...

    Iím told itís all over. The UAP Disclosure Act has been gutted. No eminent domain. No UAP Records Review Board declassification process. @DeptofDefense
    has won the battle to gag the public from being informed, with the help of key Republicans.

    Followed by Lue Elizondo

    Working very hard behind the scenes. This isnít over yet.


    Have no fear. We already a plan B, plan C, and so forth.

    We now know where the vulnerabilities of the beachhead lie and where the incoming fire is from. This is extremely important and valuable for disclosure.

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    The juan on Twitter

    New interview with Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger). He's working on a new story that involves non-human retrieved craft and biologics.

    Also reiterates that the USG has between 12 to 30 or so craft of non-human origin in their possession.

    And this bit: for UFO related stories, he has 3 or more sources for info vetting. So think about that.

    H/T: @AvirupMondal41

    Full video

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    The NDAA has passed reactions seem pretty mixed some good things but it looks like its riddled with loop holes.
    Will let the dust settle before posting on it

    The whole 3000 pages are here:

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    Did the Schumer amendment pass as well or is that something that may come further down the road?
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Hi Wally Schumer amendment has been totally gutted. I don’t quite see how with such broad bipartisan support 4 lead republicans can do that but it’s done.

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    Good report from Newsnation

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