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Thread: UFO of GOD by Chris Bledsoe

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    UFO of GOD by Chris Bledsoe

    Chris Bledsoe has published a book 'UFO of GOD'
    Only available on Amazon as they are printing it.

    If anyone doesn't know who Chris Bledsoe, he's the go to UFO experiencer for all the government/ intelligence agencies/ top UFO researchers.
    He is friends with Jim Semivan and John Alexander, virtually everyone who is someone in Ufology has been to his ranch and come away with an experience of some kind.
    Gary Nolan, Diana Pasulka, the list goes on and on.

    He seems to be able to iniate contact on an almost daily basis.
    And although people have trouble believing that his contacts can be so frequent - no one I know of has seem to come away disappointed. Quite an astounding story.
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    Reviews from readers seem pretty impressive have bought a copy
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    Sorry replacing a repeat post there's a website for the book

    Someone has compiled list of interviews with Chris
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    That UFO Podcast's recent interview with Chris about the book

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    Typical sighting at Chris's place - mostly orbs but much other related phenomenon are also reported.

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    Pretty much finished the book and it is remarkable.
    It hints of so much going on behind the scenes. Chris has had such a rough time on his journey and it's amazing the influence his experinces have had strechig all the way to the Vatican and world leaders.
    Particularly of interest was Timothy Taylor's interest and collaboration with Chris. Timothy was the NASA scientist mentioned anonymously at the time in Diana Pasulka's book 'American Cosmic'.
    Diana was one of the first to help Chris come to terms with what he was experiencing, later when Tim arrived on the scene, Chris introduced them both.
    Chris seems to be some kind of lightening rod for the phenomenon.
    We owe him and all the people who have supported him a great deal of gratitude.

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    One of the problems with the Recent NASA hearing on UFOs is the fact that although they claim to have been completely transparent - there is a whole other secret history that's been running in parellel and many people at NASA are aware of it.

    Chris talks about the high level NASA guy who first approached him and was a family friend for many years.
    It was no other than Harold Robert Povenmire who worked with Hynek on Project Blue Book

    Photo of Chris with the Hal at NASA

    He wrote a book 'UFO's and Alien Abduction Phenomena ' but was mostly known for his other work.
    An obituary

    Harold “Hal” Robert, of Kenneth City, Florida passed away on December 6, 2019 at the age of 80 at Suncoast Hospice Care Center Mid-Pinellas. Hal was born Columbus, Ohio and he graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor and Master Degree in Science. Hal also received a degree from the Florida Institute of Technology – Education Specialist. Hal’s life-long ambitions included being a researcher studying Astronomy, Meteors and Meteorites and was a part of Nasa Apollo Missions 8, 10, 11. Hal devoted his life to studying space technology and the Moon. He was very involved in the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club, International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA), worked with Dr. J. Allen Hynek on project Blue Book as a field researcher for UFO cases and attended the Salvation Saloon Church.

    He also worked for the CIA.

    The other person related to NASA is of course Timothy Taylor who also works for the NRO. He is one of the characters in Diana Pasulka book American Cosmic.
    Timothy Taylor is a very interesting individual he asked Chris to help him develop some medical technologies, downloads Chis recieved enabled Tim invent a groundbreaking bone restructuring technology, the company who produced it he subsequently sold for millions.

    I'd highly recommend listening to this recent interview, 23rd July 2023 with his son Ryan Bledsoe.

    It goes into the message of the Divine Female, who goes by many names one being Hathor, but they're essentially just names and the coming awakening that needs to happen for humanity to survive on this rock

    And also the recent interview with Grant Cameron

    But the idea that NASA knows nothing. When Tim Taylor took Chris to Cape Canaveral and walked him through the gate, he asked Chris to sing a song so something/someone in a blacked out security hut couldn't read his mind. What the @?>@'s going on there?
    Taylor told Chris these ones won't talk to us only you, so who or what is in hut?

    The idea the NASA has been completely transparent as it's a public body is nonsense.

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