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Thread: Steve Greer Disclosure 2.0 @ NPC Washington 10-12th June

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    Dr. Steven Greer - Black Budget, Stargate, Raytheon, Lockheed Skunk Works, UAP/UFO Secrets | SRS #65 . . .
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    Dr. Steven Greer on Extraterrestrial Tech Potentially Costing Corporations $1 Quadrillion


    Laurence Rockefeller hosted Clinton and presented him with this material
    Bill Clinton put up an operation to penetrate these (secret) projects, was ultimately subverted, put down by HW Bush. Bush specifically threatened Clinton
    A Clinton insider told Greer that if he (Clinton) persisted in pushing on this he'd end up like Jack Kennedy. Even with his status and the Secret Service protecting him, Clinton was "no match for them"
    Greer discloses someone in Eisenhower's White House testified that Eisenhower lost control of these programs during his second term, and was not in the know (at the end)
    The super-secret world of ET vehicles, downed, crashed, retrieved and back-engineered began in 1940s and 50s
    It all went wrong for Eisenhower when he "trusted some people he shouldn’t have." They subverted him/co-opted the programs and pushed him out
    Eisenhower was in favour of open contact with these civilizations, and bringing technology forward for peaceful purposes. "Others" wanted to weaponize them, keep them secret – protecting big industry, and big oil
    Tic-tac type objects are not extra-terrestrial – they're ours. These are coming out of Lockheed Skunkworks, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon. He (Greer) knows where they're made and who's worked on them
    The (vehicles) are examples of free energy devices. The energy they pull (from the zero point field of energy) would mean no more energy bills, no pollution, and an end of poverty on earth
    Secrecy entails (and protects) a handful of global powerful interests...dealing with fossil fuels, nuclear power; from combustion engines to jets, rockets, and all the oil, gas, coal in the ground and all the commodities-trading based on's (worth) well over a $1 Quadrillion (a thousand-trillion dollars)
    An unacknowledged coup d'etat took place between 1956 and 1960, creating an unsupervised rogue organization. Whether it's 2023 or 1953 they're the ones calling the shots on this. Not the president, not the congress
    Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii said (paraphrasing) "there exists a secret government, with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own funding mechanism, that's above the law and free from the law itself"

    Dr. Steven Greer on $2 Billion Offer to Keep Quiet About UFOs, 3 Team Members Killed (Part 5)


    Bill Clinton was ordered not to speak of UFOs during his presidency. Warned off by HW Bush (Snr)
    Same thing happened to Carter at start of his administration. Bush told him he would not be given information
    Greer in talks with a "big Hollywood figure" who's written an affidavit to the effect that in the 90's he asked Bill Clinton about UFOs – he told him they existed, advised to read "The Day After Roswell" by Col. Phillip Corso
    Secrecy controlled by an international panel of powerful figures. Sitting members (have) included George HW Bush, Bobby Ray Inman, and Dick Cheney
    Criteria for a "need to know" is contingent on psychological profiling (Greer calls it a "soul biopsy"). A test of devotion (to the programs) and loyalty. Any opposition to their agenda guarantees you do not get read in – no matter your importance or rank (includes Presidents)
    Greer claims that Head of Army Intelligence General Stubblebine personally offered him $2billion in 1992 to work (as an asset) with his operation. He turned it down
    This is how the system works (and secrecy is kept) -- with bribes, threats, corruption and blackmail
    People on his (Greer's) team have been killed, and he himself has almost been killed
    Claims he is under "executive protection" from a source he won't name

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    No seriously, I cannot believe he was offered 2 billion and turned it down. The amount of money making schemes he does for far less.

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    Has Dick Cheney given any response to Greer's allegations about him having knowledge of reverse engineering? From what I remember somebody may have asked him before what he knew about UFOs and Cheney's response was "The information would be classified". It would be kind of ironic if it was Cheney who ended up being the one to expose . confirm the whole alien presence / reverse engineering thing to the world.
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shere Khaan View Post
    No seriously, I cannot believe he was offered 2 billion and turned it down. The amount of money making schemes he does for far less.
    Oh yea, it is a ridiculous amount of money!!!

    All in all, I think the pentagon is not our friend though.

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    Found one of Dr. Greer's witnesses' on the Youtuber, Chris Lehto video.

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    Inside the Secret Government UFO Retrieval Program Part 1

    Inside Secret Government UFO Retrievals - Part 2 Psionics
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