A biological anthropologist weighs is: https://galaxopithecus.medium.com/di...ns-cbc676aaa9f

A quote:

...the anatomy and physiology seems particularly incoherent and functionally impossible. These beings have a host of traits argued to be either minimalist, vestigial, or both. Vestigial structures aren’t consistent with a being that has been highly efficiently designed. Vestigial structures are present in creatures that have evolved. To the extent creatures have vestigial structures at all, which does have some controversy. Presumably if their DNA was designed, you wouldn’t have issues separating linked traits or those that had undesirable interactions. This would argue against “vestigial” traits hitching along.

The description of anatomy seems to be fabricated from somebody who doesn’t understand even basic anatomy. The changes in muscle location in the hand would severely hamper the entire function of the arm and strength of the hand and wrist. Having vestigial muscles in the feet would make the feet completely useless. Although not mentioned, if the flexors and extensors of the toes are also located on the foot, this would cause similar problems to those in the hand. Gait would be awkward, probably hopping from heel to heel, and with poor balance.

For all of the reasons presented in this discussion I think the claims are a hoax.