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Thread: Dr. Robert Shiepe Dragon UFOs over Marina Del Rey CA

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    Dr. Robert Shiepe Dragon UFOs over Marina Del Rey CA

    Very interesting interview with retired pharmacist Dr Robert Sheipe who claims he can easily capture approx 10cm 'dragon' UFOs whenever helicopters fly over Marina Del Rey.

    He has managed to capture hunderd of these videos where these UFOs travelling at 2000mph buzz helicopters.
    Got interested when he stopped the coast guard and black helicopters flying over Marina Del Rey for two weeks.

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    This is his Dr Shiepe's Youtube channel

    One of his viewers spots underwater structures off the coast where the helicopters are flying

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    Finding this guy slightly problematic, his claims are getting wilder and wilder.
    He claims to have been friends with Glenn Falkenstein the famous magician but then goes onto say he was really psychic was adept at telepathy and a timetraveller.
    Falkenstein's blindfolded mind reading trick was legendary and as Robert claims he even did it on the radio.
    But here in this magic DVD he apparently reveals how it's done? He was a renowned mentalist. Not sure he ever claimed he was pyschic?

    He also claims Glenn cracked the Russian codes in Iceland and caught the guys telling nuclear secrets to Russians?
    They just gave him a blank piece of paper and he wrote down the names addresses
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