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Thread: UAP Max - Researcher turned podcaster

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    UAP Max - Researcher turned podcaster

    Hi Everyone

    Thought UAPMax (Steve Sprague) deserved a thread all of his own.

    It's hard to verify anything he has been told but listening to his podcast he seems intelligent honest and clearly believes what he's been told.
    One thing his source revealed to him has turned up trumps. His details about a self-cooling laser that was being developed by the Chinese were released just a couple of months after he revealed it.

    He's one to watch certainly

    His website

    He started off with a few of amazing revelations from an insider who he claims has worked directly on ET tech. Prehaps his most revelationary article was this one.
    He claims he was shown a video in which Biden met an ET (or GANZI as refered to by his source.)

    Aliens Are Here- Biden Met Them – They Are Not Friendly

    Two days ago, my world changed. It all happened on twitter. I have been researching the UFO and more recently, UAP disclosure and event history for thirty years. All along the way I have believed we are being visited. What I learned over this period of time was gleaned from materials oft researched and presented in bombastic, and over-the-top ways. Alien abductions, crazy encounters that seemed, let’s face it, phony as hell. Far too farfetched to be anything but fanciful nut cases looking for attention. I have always been one to be highly skeptical. Let’s face it, the past ten or so years have launched a myriad of people that care only for notoriety and could care less about facts. My mind works on facts. From everything I have seen, heard, and researched, I was convinced we were being visited. I truly thought the government(s) were hiding crashed UFOs, UAPs – I don’t know what to call them at this point. Spaceships. Let’s go with that, though that isn’t entirely correct- I’ll get to that in a moment...

    Another in which...

    Biden Saw An Alien Orb

    ...Biden is led inside by a military person. I couldn’t tell you who or what level. My source did not know who it was. The pair are joined by two other men. One man is taller than Biden, very thin and balding. Middle-aged. The second is stocky, about five-ten and has thick brown hair. Neither had facial hair. They both wore blue pants and polo shirts. Biden talks to the men and points several times to the orb, the device, and back to the orb. They continue talking and walking around the orb, but not behind as the orb is toward the center back wall.

    The four men continue to talk and go over to the device and start talking about it. You can see one man make a motion like an explosion and the four begin to laugh. The stocky man walks out of the frame toward the back, he is gone for a few moments.

    The trio walks over to the riser once again, and the thin man steps up onto the riser and motions for Biden to step up. Biden steps up onto the riser and leans his hand on the swing arm that the device on the table is attached to. He leans in to look inside the orb The light turns from red to white and you can see Biden shield his eyes...

    His revelations about the GANZI were very interesting, suggesting they are guardians of inter galatic portals and don't really care about us, only the Earth.

    Alien Disclosure – G.A.N.Z.I. & Questions Answered

    1) We are the outliers of our galaxy. We are in a place where civilizations without the knowledge of both interstellar and in-galaxy travel won’t travel to.

    2) On the scale of world size, Earth is pretty small, but it’s also very unique in that we have a lot of different elements that make our world “susceptible to travel” This is supposition- but I have spoken with several people that believe the conclusion to be made here is that when our planet formed- working theory OUR science believes is that we were part of the stellar dust, the elements came together in such a way that our world created traversable elements that allowed connections to other points within our galaxy, and possibly the universe as a whole.

    3) We are so far under the technological envelope of these other species it is as vast as amoeba:human. Maybe even protozoa:alien. We are not even close.

    4) G.A.N.Z.I. have not eliminated humans- BECAUSE they are being kept in check. Without that check in place, who knows?

    5) There have been many incidents with the G.A.N.Z.I. because of the aforementioned reasons. They are applying their technical ability with Earthly resources and they do not always play well. Apparently, Earth is missing some of the materials necessary to make their tech work the way it’s supposed to. Basically, our stuff doesn’t play well with their stuff in this current configuration

    6) The pathways between the points of travel through other places (speculation on location) in our galaxy were present early during the Earth’s creation phase. They came into being as a part of the fabric of space. They exist- we can’t see them, but they can be measured using the technology we have, but the findings aren’t understood totally, we don’t have the knowledge to understand the findings yet. Theories have been posited, but we don’t know. Yet. It amazes me tech humans made can see through dimensions- though it is in our three dimensional space, that also transfers to higher dimensions...

    He has recently started up a podcast and has gone over an added a bit to two of his original articles so far...

    UFO and UAP Reverse Engineered Laser System Discussion

    Aliens Are Here - Biden Met Them - They Are Not Friendly
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    Are there other alien races / non human inteligence other than the GANZI? If not then who is keeping the GANZI from destroying us? Are the GANZI the only aliens Biden has met with? What does G.A.N.Z.I. stand for?
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    No there are apparently other races but the GANZI are the ones stationed here looking after the portals

    GANZI = GAlactic Non Zenith Intelligence
    ie they reckon they probably work for someone else

    In his latest one he says he's gonna land an interview with a congressman who his source has shown all three videos, including the two Biden ones.
    He pretty much spelled out it was Rep Burchett. If this comes out and he mentions the Biden interviews - BIG NEWS.
    He also said his source is prepared to release the videos if nothing happens - re disclosure moving forward.

    How Orbs and Tictacs Fly and Operate

    In the second to last podcast, UFO and UAP Reverse Engineered Laser System Discussion he mentions that the RAF have cracked the laser and they showed it to Biden. Nothing in the UK about that.

    Just yesterday Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp claimed that the Russians had developed a laser weapon. More confirmation UAPMax is on the money?

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    UAPMax’s tweet today

    Someday near..

    President: My fellow Americans. We are not alone.

    #ufotwitter : no ****

    Feel this is right , things seem to be leading this way…

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    Anyone listen to Max's interview with Steven Bassett?
    Very interesting - Steve also agrees this is all leading up to a Biden 'We are not alone' speech.
    He thinks, ie he claims he hasn't been told, that the Senate is going to announce hearings really soon, with I think he said either 12 or 15 'Grusches', ie people with direct knowledge of programs.
    He says Grusch was a black swan event, something no one foresaw, and hindered the Senate's process of gradual disclosure. Also that the House, Burchett and Luna in their desire to get public hearings also put a fly in the ointment.

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    Steve is going from strength to strength in my opinion. A great article here.
    He’s come across some close to AARO, an insider will to spill some beans…
    …The main NHI are not Greys. At all. Like I said, the main NHI looks exactly like us. Secondly, the Greys are our little ocean friends. The main are not...
    Also there is a timescale for this disclosure proper but he can’t say when or why

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    Second article from Steve about his contact

    From his contact
    2024 will be full disclosure. I’ve found out about a very specific event thar will occur...

    And this?
    Israel is working on deploying Iron Beam, and that triggered a big swarm. They used it twice. Each time it elicited the response. In the air, on the ground. These things were all over the place and didn’t seem thrilled. They haven’t used it since…Never seen this response before. The images and videos are insane. Unlike anything at this level before. This is triggering Potus to speed up. The WH wants to be the office to reveal.…

    ..Early 2024. The rumor and innuendo are correct. 2024 is the year of full disclosure. People may not like it. The tech is cool. The rest is not as awesome as we want.

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    He’s on a roll. Another prediction from Steve aka UAPMax on Twitter

    There is going to be a laser announcement in the next 6 to 12 months from the US government. It's going to change energy transfer over distance. This tech will change the way you charge your phones and receive power to your home. There will be no more power lines necessary. It'll take a long time to change over, but this is the first step to that future. This is reverse engineered nhi tech. It will come from DARPA and Skunk Works. This tech will work across the globe and can be beamed to anyone. All you'll need is a receiver. This is all part of the cooling system you heard about from one of my first articles, then China confirmed, and now you'll see Roll out from these US sources. There's more. I have a new article in draft. Hopefully this weekend. I'll go more into how it works

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