'The Man Who Mastered Gravity - T Townsend Brown
A twisted tale of space time and mysteries in between' by Paul Schatzkin 2023

This is a fantastic book, it took Schatzkin ten years to write it. This is a must read for anyone interesting in the subject.
To say Townsend Brown hid his tracks is an understatement even after managing to make contact with Townsend's daughter Linda and her childhood sweetheart and intelligence op Morgan, there are scant details to be revealed but Schatzkin drags out everything he can.
Townsend is recruited early on into what was called the "Caroline Group' or 'Nassau' into which he introduces Morgan the love of Linda's life.
The group seem to be a loose assembly of likeminded souls - the good guys - we hope. The Caroline group involved William Stephenson the Canadian emigree to the UK who helped set up the spy rings in WWII's Europe.
It also later involved Robert Sarbarcher. The 'Caroline Group' Schatzkin alledges worked alongside paperclip and tried to grab technology at the end of the war. He claims Brown went on one such trip to recover high voltage tech.
The Germans were behind on the A-bomb but because we can hazard a guess they one a different track, maybe the Nazi Bell? It's impossible to say Schatzkin does mention parts of Nick Cook's 'Hunt fot Zero Pt' which tie in.

Although largely dismissed as a fraud and failure it seems this was a smoke screen. Townsend Brown's tech was later incorporated into the B2 with its electrostatic wings which generater thrust, his bladeless fan became a best seller at the end of his life and he may well have cracked and instaneous transmitter/ receiver that completely circumvented rock or water which the Navy took.

It is fascinating intriguing and frustating all at the same time. Only because these guys have kept stumm, it seems just like Tom De Longe says, there's a group of wealthy financiers and like minded individuals who hopefully have been looking out for us.
Maybe in 50yrs time, or when the UFO secrecy floodgates break, T Townsend Brown will get the public recognition he deserves.