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Thread: Mysteries of the Knights Templar - Timothy Hogan and Scott Walter on Gaia

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    Mysteries of the Knights Templar - Timothy Hogan and Scott Walter on Gaia

    'Mysteries of the Knights Templar' with Grand Master of the Templars Timothy Hogan and forensic geologist and Templar, Scott Walter.

    10 Eps of this on Gaia behind their paywall - it's amazing if even half of it is true, unfortunately it's very hard to get a read on how much of this is wishful thinking and what is historically accurate.
    It's also problematic that they are both Templars protraying these stories, that said Timothy Hogan comes across as a really decent guy.

    Project Unity's Jay Anderson went on a trip to Eygpt with him a few years ago. He's appeared on his show a few times and thier are some videos of the trip to Eygpt on Jay's YT channel.

    The premise is something like this the Templars and other groups kept alive technology and information from the previous advanced civilisation, the Atlantians, the Templars have been gathering info and relics on this for 1000yrs, alchemy, belief in the divine feminine, the belief we are all connected to source, including 6 Arks, yes Arks! As in Arks of the Covenant, which they say are monoatomic capacitors which can used to power the world in the same kind of way Tesla envisaged. Among other things Leonardo da Vinci made the Turin shroud with an early photographic technique, Bonaparte rescued Templar papers from the Vatican library about the previous civilisation. The Templars ,now Freemasons, paid for the US Civil War and that the US is the New Altantis. There is a lot of detail and some of it will be checkable but quite a lot of it is impossible to verify. One of Hogan's great great ...grandfather was the Grand Master at the time of the Civil War so at least there's a lineage there but some of the documents Scott Walter has worked on who knows how authentic they are.

    The most fascinating part abvout this is how Hogan believes they are ready to share the Arks with humanity. It's time for us to wake up to our spiritual side and balance it with our technology and enter the galactic brotherhood.

    Really highly recommended , shame it's behind a paywall, it's not the best means to get this information out there.

    The Series

    Timothy Hogan on Jay's channel

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    Oh yeah ....and 2.5% of Americans are ETs - most just don't know it.

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