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Thread: Chronology report for the Carmarthenshire and Cornwall horse mutilation cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Great work, Uforadio! I look forward to your report too.

    I also noticed a contradiction in that article. The Police were quoted as "awaiting toxicology reports", yet they are also quoted saying that the "Horse WAS sedated". Sloppy journalism? Or presumption on the part of the investigators?
    or the toxicology report will determine how the horse was sedated (i.e. with what)?
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    Hmmm, yes, I suppose that could make sense. I still wonder how they determined that the horse was sedated? I suppose they may have discovered puncture wounds?
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    Hi guys - after some time (have been busy).
    There were some follow up cases in later months. Will update thread hopefuly in near future with another audio clipping that I couldn't catch time to post (the minutes for extraction are detected).
    Best wishes to everyone.

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    I'm looking forward to your updates. This topic has gone quiet lately after a flurry of activity last year.

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    Was anyone from "unnamed fast-food-joint" reported in the area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasperParks View Post
    Was anyone from "unnamed fast-food-joint" reported in the area?

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