Introduction to ExtraPlanetary Anomalies by rdunk

ExtraPlanetary Anomalies is an area of primary interest for many of us. Anomalies can very often be strong signs of other intelligent life in our Solar System, and in this infinite Universe. At times, anomalies may also present entirely different features than are noted in publicly presented scientific understanding of planetary biology and geology.

ExtraPlanetary anomalies are usually findings resulting from tedious research and investigation of available photos and data. Since we all, at times, can see things differently, anomalies provide generous opportunity for comment and discussion. Certainly a degree of general courtesy and decorum is expected in all comments and discussions, to ensure the intended enjoyment and benefit to all.

Please note, anomaly posts do not age, so don’t worry if a post has been around for a length of time, when you first see it. New members are coming aboard all of the time, and likely will see anomalies here long after they were originally posted. So, feel free to comment anytime! We always look forward to hearing what everyone thinks and has to say, relative to any of the posted anomalies, regardless of the age of the anomaly post.