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Thread: Baltic Sea, Swedish treasure hunters found UFO?

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    The Baltic Sea Anomaly - Connecting the dots of Courtney Brown's March Announcement
    Saturday, March 1, 2014
    By Laron

    Dennis Asberg, co-founder of the Swedish-based diving Ocean X Team which discovered the Baltic Sea Anomaly back on June the 19th 2011, just said something very interesting within a YouTube video update, based on the Baltic Sea Anomaly on the 27th of February, 2014, a few days back.

    Could Dennis Asberg and the Ocean X Team be waiting on more results of additional scientific tests from the Baltic Sea Anomaly, also called the Baltic Sea UFO by some? Are they testing parts of the actual anomaly it self or have they found something else inside it which they have not discussed yet with the public?

    Based upon granite laying on top of the Baltic Sea Anomaly, it's estimated it's been sitting there for 15,000-140,000 years.


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    Unsure what is happening with research on the Baltic Sea Anomaly. One group claims that Ocean X Team is no longer interested. However, Ocean X Team has video about research for 2017. I am shrugging on this... Maybe something changed since Ocean X Team posted a video in December 2016... Hoping for additional updates, I subscribed to both groups at youtube.

    Baltic Sea Anomaly, 06/15/2017

    Per the website Baltic Sea Anomaly, they are attempting to raise money.

    However, confusion is present regarding Ocean X Team.
    Ocean X Team
    posted update video 12/18/2016

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    Thanks for the update on that Baltic Sea Anomaly. I wondered what ever became of that and now I know. Hope they find the funding to go down there to take another look at it!
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    Hi guys did they try to enter in this ufo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guruji View Post
    Hi guys did they try to enter in this ufo?
    What the Baltic Sea Anomaly is, remains unclear. I haven't read or seen reports of anyone entering or attempting it. That's provided there is an entryway. Many unanswered questions. Is it natural? Is it human-made? Is it of alien origin? Has it been there for centuries or millenniums? A lot of unknowns. It appears to be partly buried beneath sedimentation.

    Updates from Ocean X Team - 2018

    Baltic Sea Anomaly: Dec 11, 2018

    The Mystery Beneath: Jun 14, 2018

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    Added notation: A lot of people assume that the Baltic Sea was there first... What if the Baltic Sea covered what was already there? Did the Anomaly exist before the Baltic Sea?

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    Yes I read somewhere that they entered in it. I read to about this that when they go near it compasses or phones don't work.

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    Youtube Description:
    Official trailer 2020 - Baltic Anomaly 2
    Follow Ocean X Teamís many and different underwater adventures starting with the Baltic anomaly, released in early summer 2020 on Amazon prime, Vimeo and other platforms!
    Since the Baltic Anomaly was discovered, several years have passed. Hopefully we'll learn something new. Based on the description at Youtube, it appears to be a trailer for Ocean X Team's underwater adventures that includes the Baltic Anomaly. They are working with Marczak Communications.

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    Nice to see you still around Casper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfire View Post
    Nice to see you still around Casper
    Been a member at The Outpost Forum for a long time... I like it here.

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