by ScarZ

(Some of Doug's Writing Is Posted At ScarZ Blog)

Doug Chaffee, who used the screen name Etherian on blogsites
and was a member at Open Minds Forum died on April 26, 2011.

Doug was a man of many talents, one being a great artist. He spoke to me about his
deep interest in UFO's which he had for many of his 75 years.

Doug had done a lot of research on UFO's through the years and I asked him
one day if he would do a layout of his material on the subject and post
it in The Bible, UFOs, ETs, and "The Ancients" thread at Open Minds
Forum. Doug told me he would be glad to have finished it, and although
he never got around to completing all of it, but what he did finish was
a very good, thorough piece in my opinion. I thought it would be a great
tribute to him to place it at The Outpost Forum.

I REALLY believe if he was still with us he would have placed it at The
Outpost himself. Doug took a much deeper interest in UFO's than myself
and what he shared I found out we had a great deal in common. Through
the years I was blessed to be a small part of his life and he taught me
many things. He was in my eyes a very wise man.

Doug told me many times he believed there was truth in the UFO
phenomenon, but what exactly was the truth he was still in search of. I
know Doug touched many people during his life with his many talents.
Rest in peace brother, you are still touching.

God Bless You ... ScaRZ

Here are some links to Doug Chaffee's Biographical Sketch and his amazing art work!