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Thread: Attachments Maximum

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    Rdunk, it sounds like norenrad might be right, you may have exceeded you account's limit.

    I understand your concerns about privacy, but for what it's worth, most image hosting sites don't require you to register so it's really no different than browsing. I strongly suggest you give them a try, I have found them to be very useful and easy to use. Failing that, we'll have our tech guys look into it and get back to you.
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    Well, yes, that is what I said, that I had gone over the 1.0 Mb noted.

    Lee, the reason that I had not already deleted some of the photos in the attachment "folder" is that I thought that action might "destroy" the photo in the actual post. Well, I did go ahead and delete my last attachment uploaded to the folder, which was the elephant looking statue. And, sure enough, now there now is no elephant screenshot in the post. So, the way this system is designed, you can't delete attachments from the general folder, without ruining the post it was a part of.

    If there is an easy way to unlink the attachment in the post from the attachment folder, then it would be workable, and we could just delete them from the folder. I know of no need to retain the attachment folder pics, once posted.

    But, a system is a system, and here, the resolution quality of a photo attachment is pretty limited anyway, with such a small size allowed for a single pic/total size for three pics, IMO.

    Lee, don't go to any major effort just for me. If it this is not a problem for anyone else, then don't worry about it. There doesn't seem to be a significant interest in anomalies yet here anyway, which is one of my primary areas of focus. I do have other real anomalies to post, but all would include screenshot photos. I do prefer to manage my own photos, as "image hosts" are there for "profitable reason", and I prefer to not be a part of their business.

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