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Few comments as for the dumbness in aliens investigation.
In particular, people engaged in studying the aliens, often made-up one nonsense. They believe in certain extraterestials civilization preponderance but does not believe in them as the owners of preponderance in the way of analogous researchers.
Researcher is always due to the preponderance of the relationship, when the testing beings is pressed into the muddy orientation about the researcher.
Creation of the vision of a limited number of studied aliens, immediately there is a misconception because of their orientation each by other and as for their the social imagination.
Civilized aliens are large numbers, they must to have an excellent understanding of makind nullity in this aspect and then is creatiing the specific relationship.
By solving of these problems can be found even 7 alien species, which has long been pretend to influence people.
The best details („byktamara“ - January-February) about them
Also there – why the does not exists „the white aliens“..? An explanation of this consciousness phenomenon.

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