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Thread: Shadow Beings: What are they?

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    Shadow Beings: What are they?

    I think I saw a shadow entity early one morning, almost two years ago. I had gone back to Pennsylvania with my uncle where he lives with his two sisters-in-law and I stayed up late working on my laptop and talking over old times with one of them, Diane. After Diane went to bed (around 3:00am), I stayed at the dining table, working on the internet for a little while longer. During this time, one of the cats in the house, Rudy, came down the stairs and stood right at the edge of the dining area. I thought he was staring at me and I thought nothing of it at the time because I once had a cat that would do the same thing when he wanted me to come to bed. Now I wonder if he saw something else in the room. After a few minutes he disappeared and I figured that he went back upstairs to go to sleep.

    At around 3:30am, I decided to have a little more pumpkin ice cream before going to sleep. I closed up my laptop, turned off the lights in the dining area (except for one wall sconce), went to the kitchen for the ice cream and then brought it back to the dining table. While I was sitting there eating it, I saw a shadow pass over the opposite side of the table and against the wall. I instinctively looked behind me but there was no one there. Even if someone was standing behind me, it could not have caused the shadow. The only light source in the room was the wall sconce which was in front and to my right. The shadow actually passed under the light source. As I watched this, I felt surprised and amazed but I did not feel afraid. I finished my ice cream and then went to bed.

    The next day, when Diane was driving me to the bus station, I told her what I had seen. She knew exactly what I was talking about because she had seen it in the house for a long time.

    Many seem to think that these sahdow beings are ghosts of some sort. I tend to wonder if "shadow" is a good word to describe them. While watching it, I thought it looked more like a silhouette than a shadow. Perhaps there is a path between worlds that some beings knnow how to travel. Maybe there are places where the membrane between the worlds is thinner than others, or maybe this happens at specific times of the year. Then, perhaps, we can see these travelers enroute.

    What do you think they are?
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    I personally do not know what they are...

    BUT, it gives a whole new meaning to whatever was in my closet when I was a child.
    Seriously, I can swear to gawd there was something in my closet when I was little and it was not my imagination as my parents use to tell me.
    It MOVED in my closet and scared the living hell out of me...

    Also, I did have that one experience a few years back where something was at the foot of my bed.
    THEN 'it' walked around up to my head then reached out and said: "Relax". That is ALL I remember.
    I also could not move...
    I do not know if this is the same thing that is being discussed here but, it was 'Shadowy' to me!

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    I think that shadow beings are just another kind of interdimensional intelligence that reside in those realms outside of our own.

    Because most reports describe seeing only a limited variation of this kind of entity, it seems like the intelligence that manifests that way into our own dimension only uses a few variations of what essentially is a shadow template.

    The ones that are most commonly seen are the humanoid ones that are either with or without a fedora hat... or the humanoid ones that look like branches are sticking out of their heads.

    And there then are those giant spider ones.

    What's interesting is that each one shows up differently.

    The humanoid ones that are with or without the fedora zip by us fast and are usually only seen in our peripheral vision... but not always.

    The humanoid ones with branches sticking out of their heads show up in groups where they seem to almost be dancing where they are seen straight on as shadows on a wall.

    The giant spider ones skitter at various speeds across walls and ceilings where sometimes they stop for a minute or two before taking off again to their destination across the room.

    So each kind seems to have its own way of showing up and even its own type of behavior.
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    Back last March, a giant spider shadow being or sometimes two, were showing up in my bedroom night after night throughout an entire week. After seeing them for a few nights in a row, one night I had my camera handy on the nightstand next to my bed and was able to capture picture of one as it was momentarily resting on the wall before skittering off again to another part of the room. The photo of it is not showing the kind of detail I was seeing with my own two eyes, like the legs for example which are only hinted at in the photo. Like anything that is interdimensional, there are those electromagnetic aspects to the phenomenon that interfere with the photographic process... hence why there are those distortions seen of the being in this photo making it look less detailed in form and shape than it actually was when viewing it. IOW, the spider shadow being was much more detailed and defined than how it's showing up in the photo.

    Below is that photo.

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    Children are not yet conditioned to close their inner sight. Imaginery friends and things that go bump in the night are all too real when one is still convinced that Santa's reindeer really can fly. Native Americans would say that we have lost touch with the Spirit World. Spirits and the Spirit World were a major part of their religions and customs. They would say you must speak to the Earth and it will speak back. There is much we do not understand, much that we have lost of ourselves. Shadow people or full bodied apparitions(that I have seen), they are among us. There was a time when we knew this.......and accepted it. There is a Native American saying "Thank the food before you eat!"
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    I wish the image of the spider was better, but I understand why it is not.

    I too have seen spider creatures floating around. The ones I have seen are large, usually volleyball to basketball-sized. They always have a glow though, which I do not see in your description. They also always are floating away from me when I wake up. Their legs move fast, but they float away slowly, which is weird. Only once have I seen a spider pause. When this happened, I got the impression that the spider "knew" that I was aware of it, and paused to sort of send a message without words that it was aware of me being aware of it, if that makes sense. One time I also remember getting up and touching the spider, however, I also had the point of view of watching this happen, sort of like my physical body staying put and watching, while an Astral copy of myself went out and touched the spider. I thought "HA!" when I touched it, almost like a verification that the spider was real and not just my eyes playing tricks on me. I should also mention that I know its not my eyes playing tricks, because as I became aware that this was a repeating phenomena, I was making sure I was awake and that my eyes and concentration were fully focused on the spiders.

    Spiders are not all that I have seen that appear to be extra-demensional. I have seen things that I would describe as "pom-poms" as well as floating, glowing stars. Once I saw an astral machine move away from me. Oddly enough, the machine could not go through the wall but had to take a 90 degree angle to get out of my sight. The spiders do disappear by moving into walls.

    I have also seen a few shadow beings. One was a few feet tall, very pointy nose, with a fedora hat. One was human-sized with a fedora hat, which sent me a single telepathic message and manipulated time. I saw a humanoid one without a hat at a cemetery. This one made a noise telepathically at me. I have also seen the fleeting shadow people that you can just make out in the corner of your eye in a quick instant.

    A99 - I would like to know more about these spiders that you are talking about. Do you have any links or information you could send to me please?

    Also, I just joined this forum, and this is my first post. The topic and the mention of the spiders got me to sign up and respond. I have not been able to find much about the astral spiders I have seen in the past.

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    "Thank the food before you eat!" that's a good one! I will remember that! Thanks Redbone!
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    Thanks jiduto!
    I can relate to some of the things you have mentioned in your post... thanks for sharing! It's always great when others have seen things like this too because then we don't feel like we're nuts! If you know what I mean!

    You asked:
    A99 - I would like to know more about these spiders that you are talking about. Do you have any links or information you could send to me please?

    I was just describing my own experience of them. But I've posted the same information I shared here at OMF and others in that forum shared their own sightings of spider shadow beings. I did do a look up on the internet though... one time, and found that there were others at other forums talking about those same kinds of beings in the form of a spider. So it is not uncommon.
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    A friend of mine described a human shadow pass by the foot of his bed.And he was telling me this in all seriousness
    He's a down to earth steel worker and not prone to flights of fancy.Our perception of reality is limited to our 5 senses.
    How different this would be if for example if we could see in the infrared or hear in the ultrasonic.

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    I have not experienced the shadow people as A99 and jiduto have. My experiences were with full bodied apparitions. One was my Father who had commited suicide 45 years earlier when I was 5 yrs old. He appeared just as I remembered him. I had been angry all my life because he left me so young, but we talked and cried for hours and I forgave him. I have since been at peace with my Father and his death. The other was a Succubus who did not like the fact that I saw her entering my bedroom. She made a speedy retreat by vaporizing in front of me. This scared me so bad I had trouble sleeping for weeks. Everyone I have told these stories to have said that I was dreaming both times. But I can tell you that I was not dreaming. I remember every single detail from both encounters. Shadow People, Astral Spiders or Ghost, there is something going on that I cannot explain. The Cherokee believe that everything...the Wind, Trees...even blades of grass have a spirit. The more I live and experience, the more I see they are right.
    American by birth, Cherokee by blood and Southern by the Grace of God!

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